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  1. hmm… now it works since a few days without probs.... maybe it was a different issue that solve after a restart
  2. @CBers do you use the "Drive Idle"-future on your Emby Server? how is your experience? I tried it and I have a big delay if I start watching (HDD spinUp)…
  3. maybe the new firewall option?
  4. it looks good, but I wait for final before I change my setup ?
  5. the "no Pool and i want go to settings" error is solved ?
  6. i got this message if I open the drive bender client.. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3.0, but still happen
  7. HI, is CloudExtender supporting Amazon Drive in near future?
  8. alpha > beta > RTM > stable
  9. any info about new beta?
  10. HI, i can?t find the "add HDD" option.... maybe i?m blind? :-)
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