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  1. You'll need to switch on advanced I/O logging for this particular case and then email the logs. All the details should be here: https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757012755 Have you got an open support ticket? I expect you'll need one if not. To prepare you, these are the questions that were asked of me: What sort of file sizes are we talking about? Do you have enough free space on a/each drive(s) in the pool? Are you able to replicate this easily? How many drives do you have in the pool, and what is the free space on these drives?
  2. I opened a case with support and they asked me to capture logs - unfortunately I've had so much on I haven't been able to get round to this yet but perhaps it's something to consider doing. Hope fully I'll get round to it at some point but Division-M do seem willing to investigate. As an aside though, I did add an SSD to my system which I now use as a landing drive and I expected that this might fix the problem - it didn't.
  3. Only questions regarding my setup. I will post back if I get a solution or anything else of interest.
  4. Did you? If you're asking me yes I have, but only recently.
  5. I have finally got round to upgrading to 2.6 and I still have the same problem.
  6. This sounds easy, thanks - my new drive is arriving tomorrow. When DB asks me if I want to force remove the drive I assume I answer 'yes', at which point the files on the drive are considered lost from the pool, correct? Then, when I copy the files back in do I copy them into the pooled drive or the mount point folder in the new drive? Or does it not matter? Will I have any problems with duplicate files? Thanks again!
  7. I was just thinking, could I connect the current/old drive to my other machine on the network and then add that as a networked drive in the pool? That would free up the port on my server allowing me to add the new drive and then use the built-in swap drive functionality. Can I move a drive from a fixed drive to a network drive? Does that sound like it would work? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, I need to swap one of my drives out. Unfortunately, because of my setup, I can't just attach my new drive and use the swap functionality in the Drive Bender manager because I have no free ports with which to attach an extra drive. I can't remove the old drive first because there is not enough free space in the pool to take the data it contains. I do have space on another server connected to the same network.. is there some way that I could use space on there to help with this drive swap? Thanks!
  9. My setup - I have 4 3.5 inch SATA disks running on a HPE Dynamic Smart Array B120i Controller. It's all the standard components that your get in an HP Proliant Gen 8 Microserver.
  10. I have exactly this problem and I have also had it for several years. I am using the Deluge torrent client and the only thing I can do is to use "Compact Allocation" in Deluge, the issue then goes away. The problem with this is that I then loose the ability to prioritise files within a torrent.
  11. Is v2.3.7.0 a beta? And where can I download it, please?
  12. I installed this update yesterday and I am now seeing a strange pool usage chart in the client: My actual pool size is 3.01TB of this I have used 2.82TB and I seem to me able to access all the data through the mounted Drive Bender drive. The "Free" value is correct at 200.24GB but why am I seeing a report of "Non pool used: 2.75TB"? As far as I can remember this wasn't the case with the previous version I had installed.
  13. Yes, the client is v1.0.2.0. Thanks!
  14. After upgrading from v1.0.0.5 to this version I get the following error when I try and start the client: Access violation at address 007716A5 in module 'CloudXtenderClient.exe'. Read of address 00000000. After closer inspection, it looks like the old version did not get uninstalled during the update (it was still listed in Programs & Features). So I uninstalled both versions, deleted "%appdata%\Division-M" and reinstalled this latest version - I still get the same error. Any ideas?
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