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  1. As there is no where to post about Drive Xtender, and I have yet to see any news about Drive Bender Duplication to a Cloud, I was hoping someone here could post an update as to this feature. I know I've been waiting a number of years for this type of integration.
  2. Am I missing something with this, is there a download or software to install? I realize this is an old thread, but figured it was apropos.
  3. Yea, I only see the single pool listed. I'll go ahead and open a support ticket. Cheers
  4. OS Windows 10 DB: I'm having an odd issue where a folder that is having lots of access, notably via `rsync` or `backup and sync from Google`, the folder being accessed seems to become inaccessible causing the applications in question to eventually error out. Anyone else seeing this or experienced it? I also saw the same issue on DB but installed the patch to see if it would fix it, which it has not. To be clear, this is a folder inside the pool, not the entire pool itself and the pool contains roughly 25K images and videos that would be accessed via the applications during the sync process.
  5. OS: Windows 10 (1803) DB: v2.8.0.0 I thought I had seen a post about this years ago, but was unable to find it so here we go. I recently reinstalled my OS and upon getting my pool back up and running, the statistics do not seem to be updating in the DB client. I've left it running for almost a week and it is as if DB has gone on vacation. The mount itself works and I am able to get to my files, but my primary worry is not being able to see the stats and not being able to see duplication stats. Oddly enough, DB seems to know some space is used as it is only reporting 10.01TB free when the pool actually has a total of 12.2TB of space. Any ideas? Here is a screenshot of the specific section
  6. So, from my understanding of the blog, this will be a feature in Drive Extender, but not Drive Bender?
  7. Been a couple years and wondered if there was an update to the availability of duplicating to the cloud.
  8. Subject says it all, I have a small set of files that I am trying to use CX to store to OneDrive. Once I copy them into the CX drive I can view them for a moment, but after the "sync" process finishes I can not longer open the images. Any attempt to open them is met with an Access Denied error telling me I need Admin privileges, despite the fact that I am logged in as Admin. All of the files are images and there are about 80MB of images in all so not many. Any ideas?
  9. I was sitting down to see if I could start implementing CloudXtender in my home, but it looks as if it does not play nice with DriveBender at this point. Mainly due to the fact that I can not have a DriveBender pool be a host to the cache files. I was really hoping that would happen. Is this something that is soon, relatively of course, to come?
  10. Same issue here, was just going to give the app a test run, but can't. :/
  11. Has there been any update to this thread? Mainly the idea of duplication to CX and CX supporting the Amazon Cloud setup.
  12. For the past week I have been getting an alert telling me I have 27 orphaned files and that I need to "repair the pool" to remedy it. I have tried the prescribed step no less than 4 times and still get the same alert, am I missing something or is there another step I could try?
  13. I was looking to see what was taking up a bit of space on my HDD and stumbled across a large amount of WIP_FCI files ~130,000 in a folder called: C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\WIP\{7D011050-5061-4142-B749-23FF1849AE25}. Can anyone shed some light on what these files are and where there are so many?
  14. Did you get any information on this? I'm seeing something similar where and are not clearing the landing pad. This used to work previously. I've also noticed that the drive I designate as a landing pad is "losing" this setting, according to the manager. EDIT: Just for clarification, balancing seems to be ok for me, but clearing of the landing pad is not.
  15. Just started noticing some odd numbers in the manager app. I've kicked off a Pool File Heath scan and will see if that fixes the issue.
  16. I recently decided to give BitLocker a go with my DriveBender Pool and wanted to report what I have seen so far, but first some details about my setup. 3 x 3TB drives 1 x 1.5TB drive 1 x 500GB drive (landing zone) All drives are external USB Atom D525 CPU / 4GB ram / Windows 7 x64 Ultimate So far I have started small and only encrypted the landingzone, as it would see the most R/W and allow me to see the performance. I must say that any slowdown is negligible for my needs and all is working well. I did run into a couple of odd issues where windows would repeatedly assign it a drive letter, but I was able to resolve it by setting up a set of rules in USBDLM to ensure the drives were not given a drive letter. ; Drives to not assign letters to [DriveLetters1] DeviceID1=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD15&PROD_EARS-00MVWB0&REV_0125\152D00539000&0 DeviceID2=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD50&PROD_00AAJS-22TKA0&REV_0125\152D00539000&1 DeviceID3=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68EUZN0&REV_\152D20339006&0 DeviceID4=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68AX9N0&REV_\152D20339006&1 DeviceID5=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68AX9N0&REV_\152D20339006&2 DeviceID6=USBSTOR\DISK&VEN_WDC_WD30&PROD_EFRX-68EUZN0&REV_\152D20339006&3 Letters=- After that, I noticed there was a bit of a timing issue that resulted in DriveBender loading and not detecting the encrypted drive until after a few moments, even when the drive is automatically unlocked at boot. I was able to resolve this by adding BitLocker as a dependency to the DriveBender service. REM DriveBender depends on Bitlocker sc config DriveBender depend= BDESVC/EFS This is a very small/low power server and as such my needs for speed are not huge, but so far I am happy. I'll post any new updates on this as I proceed more into encrypting the remaining drives in the coming weeks. Update: Two more drives have been fully encrypted and still everything is running fine, even on this little box. I'm going to hold off on the last two for another week to monitor the system stats.
  17. I had not time to troubleshoot the issue, but it looks drivebender, left to its own devices, fixed the issue on its own. Cheers!
  18. I updated to 2.1 today and after some jumping through hoops and praying to the electron god I was finally able to get my pool mounted again. One thing caught me as a bit odd on the new dash board; I have a total of ~8.18TB of actual space (2x1.5TB and 2x3TB), but the dash board stats on the right are showing: These are all the drives that are available to the computer, as reported by drivebender: And here is what I see under "My Computer": Now unless I have fallen into some kind of parallel universe where those numbers would be correct, something is wrong. The only stat that seems to be correct is the freespace. I thought, perhaps the data is being reported as twice the size for some reason, but the math there still does not add up [1.36*2+2.73*2 = 8.18TB but 11.27+5.44+0.268 = 16.978TB]. While the math is close it still does not add up for a simple doubling of the size. Has anyone else seen this or have any experience as to what could be the culprit?
  19. Is there anyway to make the security prompt act like a regular windows authentication prompt, that being make the username field not case-sensitive? I do realize that you can save the username, but that just seems like a bad solution to this issue. Cheers for the app.
  20. I've experienced the same thing, perhaps there will be a way to fix this in v2? Perhaps the service could pause the balancing act when the pool is being accessed and have it resume once it is done.
  21. I have been running drive bender for a few months and must say I love it, but recently something odd has been happening and I can not quite pin down the issue. I have 4 drives in an external enclosure, hooked to my pc via USB. About once a day, certain folders, but not all, will appear to be empty, but this is rectified by simply rebooting my computer. Any ideas on this or things I can test?
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