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  1. Upgraded from to Windows Server 2012R2 uninstalled reboot install reboot everything works perfectly fine ! thanks anthony for another great release !
  2. uninstalled reboot installed reboot everything is working fine on Win Server 2012R2 Thanks!
  3. Sadly it seems like development has stopped on drivebender and all capacities are used on Cloud Extender now... TheSmith is ignoring all posts in drivebender forum for months. He seems like only answering posts concerning Cloud Extender nothing else. No Roadmap, no reaction on so many feature requests or questions about long time ago pronounced features like vss integration or at least a plan b version to bypass, when vss integration is impossible...
  4. another try to get an answer from "thesmith": 3 months gone by and it seems you are active at least in cloud extender forum, so i guess you should also have recognized this thread. why isn't it possible to get any answer/feedback from you within a few days or even weeks here in the forum? imho it would even be better to tell vss support or plan B are out of reach and won't get implemented, than just ignoring users questions... so maybe you are so kind and can give us a quick update...
  5. @anthony: anything new concerning VSS support, now that it's more than half a year later ? it's the one big downside left, not being able to use windows backup, otherwise it would be nearly perfect. what happened to your "plan B" ? So what does this mean for VSS support? Well our original timeline had full VSS support in beta 1, and this was meant to be available mid August, however given the issues we have faced, this has not happened (obviously). At this stage we have decided to move on with the other stages of the v2 development and beta releases, while we continue to work on these VSS issues in the background. At the very least v2 will support pool snapshots, snapshot mounting and snapshot management. If requestor support continues to allude us, then we have a plan B (I will post on plan B when we come to a final decision).
  6. +1 for this feature ! i have pretty the same situation. i have 11 drives: 3x 3TB brand new 3x 2TB -> 2 years old (24/7) 2x 1,5TB -> 4 years old (24/7) 2x 1 TB -> ~6 years old 1x 500GB -> ~ really old it would be nice to tell drivebender, to store more duplicates of my critical data on the new drives and just one duplicate on the older drives. best greetz
  7. nobody has some answers to my questions ? today i faced a Problem with landing Zone and DB i tried to copy 3TB of data from my old Server to my new one. in my new Server there are 3x4TB HDDs + 2x250GB SSDs together in one pool. the 2 SSDs are in Software Raid 1 by Windows Server 2012 R2 and set as landing Zone in DB. The first TB copied without an issue, but then i got following error during the copy process: (see screenshot) seems like landing Zone has gotten full ?!? how can this happen ? and how can i fix this ? edit: seems like the file balancing process got stuck and so the Landing Zone drive got full... after a complete restart of the server and a manual start of file balancing, DB moved all the files in queue away from landing zone to the final destination on hdd pool.
  8. QLink

    Beta v2.0.3.0

    i'm on server 2012 r2 but i guess the ui should look the same. you can enable/disable "Landing Zone" through the "show detailed information about this drive"-tile right next to the "swap"-tile and the "remove"-tile in DB Manager.
  9. hi guys! are there any detailed information about the new landing zone feature in v2 ? i have some questions: can i set one landing zone drive for multiple pools, or do i need one landing zone per pool ? what triggers DB moving the files from landing zone to the destination drives ? time ? disk usage ? space on landing zone ? what's the best way to protect files on the landing zone ? 2 SSDs in raid1 ? 2 SSDs with file duplication on ? (is duplication possible on landing zone drives ?) what size should the landing zone drive have to get most speed gain, but also not wasting space ? what happens with data which i copy direct on the landing zone drive using a mapped drive letter ? can i define somewhere, that this data should stay permanently on the landing zone ? best greetz
  10. another +1 vote for me this is the only feature why i'm preferring storage spaces over drive bender. it would be truly awesome if we could enable a write-back-cache and storage tiering like in windows storage spaces. it definitly gives a huge performance boost. using storage spaces the gain is depeding on your configuration at about 10times faster performance. see this test for example: http://www.aidanfinn.com/?p=15430 or just google it, there are many similar tests getting the same effect. so it's like files getting moved automatically to the "landing zone" if system recognizes high I/O from these files. i hope you get this precious feature into final v2.
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