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  1. Hi again everyone. Want to make an update to my post - suddenly the system started to move a bit from 1 of the 'old pool disk' which has freed up some space but most disks are still at 0% free. Perhaps this will change later, but for now everything seems to work. Thanks for listening and helping.
  2. Thanks for both your replies JDThird and saitoh183. DB is still or at last the whole night been coping down to the new disk which has gone to 78% free. Currently my pool look this: DB2 835 MB free 0% free DB3 2189.74 GB free 78% free <- new disk DB4 571 MB free 0% free DB5 602 MB free 0% free DB6 1.11 GB free 0% free DB7 798 MB free 0% free Total 2.14 TB free
  3. Yes after adding my new disk. The pool was totally full so the new disk was very much needed. I have restarted the machine several times but didn't repair after install of new disk. So I took the opportunity and did so but no difference.
  4. Hi everyone In another thread I got help to add new disk to my DB pool and I thought everything worked. Issue is now when I start coping files to my pool I get a message telling "Disk is full". My pool is 10.9 TB where 8.25 is used and 2.66 TB is free - so I wonder how get my disk be full? Thanks a lot in advance.
  5. Very nice - I'll follow your suggestion by removing it from the pool first before starting extending the partition. Again thanks.
  6. You are great saitoh183. Your comment for checking my BIOS got me on the right track - my second disk controller (SATA300 TX4302 DS) has some limitations which I need to look more into. About the split of 3 TB disk into 2 partitions I figured it out by creating partitions via Disk Management and not via WHS interface which allowed me to create the full 3 TB partition. About the EaseUS partion tool - how does that work in pratice when affected disk already is part of the DB pool?
  7. I would love to just have the partitions as 3 TB as you describes and I don't use the backup feature of WHS. Just made a shot of my Disk Managaement window. No changes if I delete partition of new disk - only shows unallocated space of 746.39 GB.
  8. Thanks a lot for your replies. #saitoh183: yes, disk is set as GPT. #ownerer: I would of course prefer single partition per disk just as you describe but I followed this link http://connecteddigitalworld.com/2011/02/06/windows-home-server-2011-internal-3tb-hard-drive-support-video-edition/ telling that a 3 TB disk needs to be split to 2 partitions. How did you manage to keep disk as single partition? Computer Management application > Storage > Disk management shows the disk as only 746.39.
  9. Hi guys Need your advice on what to do. My WHS2011 system is build on 1 system disk 500 GB, 1 x 2 TB disk outside pool, 4 x 2 TB disks and 1 x 3 TB disk in the pool. I did buy the 3 TB disk recently and it was a bit tricky to get working before found a post telling that the disk should be split into 2040 GB and 754.40 GB partitions. Now my issue is that I have bought 1 more 3 TB disk and it only appear as 746.39 GB disk. The disk is connected as second disk to my systems's second disk controller. Any idea why I only see 746,39 GB and how to fix that? Thanks a lot in advance.
  10. To folders without duplication I end on something around 40 MB/sec. With duplication turned on I end up a bit higher around 50-55 MB/sec. Tested on drive outside pool to the pool. Files were 1-4 GB. Think I need some advice how to boost speed to the amazing 200+ MB/sec.
  11. Have never tried ClamWin before. What kind of configuration can you recommend?
  12. Thanks W3wilkes - it worked (even I had to force report because couldn't close activation window).
  13. Hi everyone Just before the move to new forum I joined a post regarding failure when activating my DB. The message I get is "The license needs to be activated" with only option to click OK. I have tried to use license I got when buying RC1 but also the code mentioned on download page - both with same negative result. Original post on old forum http://www.drivebender.com/forum/post/1615111 I'm on on WHS2011. works great btw :-)
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