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  1. Yes, the licenses are not Windows OS specific. They should work on Win7 and up.
  2. I don't know if the drive idle change is with the version since the release info in the Announcements section of the forums doesn't mention it. You could open a ticket and ask the developer. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  3. Have you opened a support request? The developer can tell you exactly what logging he'll need for your issue. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  4. Almost sound like the target drive has gone to sleep. You should open a ticket and see if the developer has any hints for you. Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  5. Sorry I'm so late to your party. Have you checked the manual, it's in the DB program Files directory? In my own case the only thing I have on my DB drives is well known so knowing what's where is no big deal for me. It would really be nice if DB kept a "catalog" of files in the pool so that questions like this could be easily answered. I've submitted this as a request before. Maybe if we get more people to suggest it...
  6. So what's the load/unload cycle min? Will the drive crash at 300,001 cycles? If the drive did a load/unload every minute the drive would die in 208 days at 300,000 cycles.
  7. As you know, most any drive of any size can be added to the pool as long as it's NTFS formatted. The unknown is drive longevity/reliability and speed. My guess is if it's slower than your existing drives and dup'd data is being written to it, I would guess it would slow down the operation. Can't speak to the Synology question.
  8. Sorry this is so late! Sounds like you need to open a support ticket with the dev. Here's the link; Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)
  9. I presume you opened a ticket as @CBers suggested in reply to your prior post. What was the reply?
  10. Thanks for the update Anthony! The OP doesn't say what version of DB they're running. Hopefully they are trying with I've always thought it's a good idea to put DB version and OS version in your signature.
  11. Interesting, I just did a Check for updates and don't see that 20H2 has been dropped. Where is the official release 20H2 for Win10 pro?
  12. You should be able to use drive bender manager to remove the "D:" mount point.
  13. You will need a target drive to receive the data from the pool. The easiest way would be to have DB active so you can access your big "K" drive and then just copy from the big "K" drive to your target location.
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