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  1. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    When you installed DB did you first in-install the prior version and reboot before you installed I ask because this installed fine on my WHS2011 box. What version of drivebender.dll is in C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5, if it's the version can you manually copy it?
  2. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Version installed much better this time. Thanks Anthony!
  3. Drive Bender v2.7.0.0 released

    Attempted install of on my WHS2011 box. Install fails with unknown error and says it's rolling back! installs fine. Before install I uninstalled and restarted. Then tried running by just double clicking and also right clicking and selecting Run as admin. Fails either way.
  4. +1 Have you opened a ticket? You could and refer to this thread. We don't get to see ticket, but we can +1 in the thread.
  5. Server 2016 Essentials Dashboard issue

    @technowiz, Just for grins try setting your scale to 100% and see if it displays correctly. With your scale set to 300%, I'd be curious to know how many other applications don't display correctly?
  6. Good info for us to file in our "treasures of truth" folders. Hopefully Anthony has notified the Sentinal folks of this issue so they can correct their problem with volume handling.
  7. Server 2016 Essentials Dashboard issue

    You should open a support ticket. Some additional info you may need; Is this Dashboard running on the server itself or is it a remote PC Dashboard? Is this on a directly attached monitor to the server? Is this on a RDP console from another PC on the network? Is the display setting for Scale set to 100% ?
  8. You will need to release your license key before you take the current system down. Then do your OS install. Install DriveBender and it should recognize your pool drive and activate your pool. You can then add your license key.
  9. I hope you have a good plan in place for recovery of BOTH your OS and pool in the event of a physical drive failure on your OS drive.
  10. Once you drained the drive and removed it from the pool did you use DISKMGMT to delete that partition on the drive before you tried to extend the C: partition?
  11. You will have to drain the drive on your system drive (hopefully you have enough room to do this). You can then use DISKMGMT to expand the C drive on the physical drive. As a side note, it is not a good idea to have a partition on your system drive be a drive in your DB Pool. If the physical drive fails you'll have to recover both your DB pool and your system.
  12. Microsoft Onedrive NTFS Error Message

    For the upgrade you will need to uninstall 1.9.50 before installing the current version.
  13. laptop and desktop PC

    Not sure I understand the question. If you want to do backup from the laptop to storage on the desktop I think you'd want to install DriveBender on the desktop and pool the drives on the desktop. You could then network mount the desktop pool drive on the laptop and do the backups. Is this what you're thinking. This would be using the desktop as the storage server to allow other PC's on your network to do backups to the pool drive on the desktop. PS- I moved this thread to the DriveBender section.
  14. Enable rebalance even if balancing disabled

    Sounds like a reasonable request. You should open a ticket to maybe get this in the queue.
  15. Right off the top of my head I wouldn't have a single physical drive (multiple partitions) be in 2 pools. If the drive fails you will have to recover both pools. With that being said, it seems that copy (move) has to be done since this would be between partitions. I don't think you can have a single drive (partition) be in more than one pool.