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  1. w3wilkes

    How to upgrade to 3.1?

    I uninstalled - booted - installed 3.1 - booted. Worked fine. The uninstall / reinstall doesn't touch your pool drives.
  2. Glad you found a fix for Roon. I'm a long time LMS user myself since 2009 for my music. When I got my first WHS v1 server my LMS was put on that and it's now been on my WHS 2011 server since DB was initially released and the music is duplicated, but I've never needed to turn on smooth-stream. I have full copies of my music on my and my wife's phones, both our laptops and another copy on an external drive. It took me about 4 months to get my ~1,600 CD's ripped and properly tagged and I never want to have to do that again!
  3. I gather from your post that you have a trouble ticket open?? To me I can't see how a clean install of Win7 and DB will help. The pool drives would be in the same state as soon as DB initialized which would leave your pool in the same state it's currently in. If you don't have a ticket open you should open one as this sounds like it's something that Anthony will need to take a closer look at. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  4. w3wilkes

    Cannot install on Windows Server 2003

    I think Server 2003 is effectively a Windows XP platform. I don't know if DB is compatible that far back. I'd suggest opening a trouble ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  5. w3wilkes

    Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released

    Must have been asleep at the wheel as I missed this announcement. I'm now caught up and this release is running. Anymore I always do the deinstall / reinstall method and had no issues. Looks like DB is doing a validation run on initial startup. Did some looking around and so far so good. Thanks Anthony and Happy New Year! I'll tip a cold one for you. While you're enjoying summer it looks like I've got to go out and shovel snow - again!
  6. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    Cool. The install of the official looks like it will be my first boot since Nov 16, 2018 - has been solid for me. Merry Christmas!
  7. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    You should open a trouble ticket to ensure that the Dev sees this. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    I've had no trouble either, last boot Nov 16, 2018 ( install date).
  9. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    Still good here - 2 days of backups, weekly scheduled backup cleanup successful and music server working fine.
  10. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    I knew who it was, I was letting you off the hook. 😉 So far it's running fine for me. I'm waiting to see how Backup cleanup runs tonight with the 2nd round of backups on my PC's. For @spaceboy Can't say as I have no remote drives.
  11. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.9.0 up and running. I'll let it soak in the default configuration for a while. I'll make sure that the backups performed by my WHS2011 server running Drive Bender of my local PC's run successfully and also the weekly backup cleanup task runs successfully. @Anthony One question... I saw a previous mention of a user who installed and said they had a problem, they then uninstalled their prior version and then installed the new release. I've been under the impression that we had to first uninstall the prior version before installing the current version, has that requirement been dropped?
  12. w3wilkes

    DB creating folders with same name as existing file.

    Any chance you've installed the MS Windows 1809 fall update? Hope not. It's known to have errors. Some users have reported files/folders being deleted with that update. Other than that the support ticket is the way to go.
  13. w3wilkes

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Anthony, Thanks for the update. Good luck on finding the file ghost issue. W3
  14. w3wilkes

    Pool Statistics Empty

    I'm sure that the DB developer will want to know what diskmgmt.msc shows for your current physical drives.
  15. w3wilkes

    Pool Statistics Empty

    That almost looks like DB is looking at a bogus pool that has no drives defined. You should opena a support case https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  16. w3wilkes

    Folder no longer available.

    You should open a support request https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  17. w3wilkes

    Drive Bender v3

    If I understand the blog correctly it sounds like I would be able to create a pool with just a single drive on my laptop for my data files and then I would have the ability to define what applications can write/update/delete the files on that pool by file type? My laptop currently has 2 physical drives, a small 128GB SSD for the system and applications and a 1TB HD where all my data resides.
  18. w3wilkes

    email notifications enable TLS and port change

    I would suggest you open a trouble ticket https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us
  19. w3wilkes

    GBs of logfiles?

    You should definitely open a support ticket with this question https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new I would tend to agree that we should be able to shut this off.
  20. w3wilkes

    SONOS LIBRARY in Drive Bender Pool

    When you say you "indexed" your music folder is that a SONOS function, Windows indexing, from the local DB machine or a remote machine? Did you try it without indexing?
  21. w3wilkes

    SONOS LIBRARY in Drive Bender Pool

    I know little to nothing about SONOS, but I have my music library in my DB pool and access it using Logitech Media server with no problems. Does SONOS have restrictions on using a network drive. I do know that there's a limit on the size of a music library that SONOS can handle or have they now added an interface to go through iTunes?
  22. w3wilkes

    Pool showing up with two letters

    I think you can delete one of the pool drives using the Drive Bender manager using the "Remove redundant pool(s)". When you defined your pool DB would have removed the drive letters for the K and L drives so it should be just fine for Windows to assign K to another drive.
  23. Have you made sure you are the owner of the files / folders in the pool? Here's how to check and take ownership https://www.windowscentral.com/how-take-ownership-files-and-folders-windows-10
  24. w3wilkes

    Why do drives spool up every hour?

    Drive balancing isn't the only thing that will wake up the drives. Here's something in the DB FAQ's you might be interested in https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/articles/333757024875-How-do-I-disable-all-internal-scheduled-tasks- Be sure you understand the implications.
  25. w3wilkes

    driver bender service @ 100% cpu

    The best thing to do is open a support ticket with the developer for guidance. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new