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  1. I did contact the Developer and got a response. He said that if you don't put in your key you get the 7 days however, if you put in your key that's in use you will be given 90 days even though the key is currently registered to your old install. Hopefully Anthony has released your key.

  2. Have you enabled Drive Idle in the DB settings? This is experimental, but is touted as a power saver so I guess it will down the pool drives when not in use.

    I understand why not to use the same drive as the system for a regular pool drive. However, Doesn't a LZ drive get cleared on a regular basis to make room for more data? I would think that primary (and duplicate folders/files) are pushed off the LZ to regular drives. There is a file loss exposure if the LZ drive fails, but this is the case regardless of whether it's a partition on the system drive or a dedicated LZ SSD.

    You can always open a ticket and ask the developer for some specific guidance on using a portion of the system drive as a LZ.

    Submit a request – Division-M - Support (division-m.com)


  3. Sorry I'm so late to your party. Have you checked the manual, it's in the DB program Files directory? In my own case the only thing I have on my DB drives is well known so knowing what's where is no big deal for me. It would really be nice if DB kept a "catalog" of files in the pool so that questions like this could be easily answered. I've submitted this as a request before. Maybe if we get more people to suggest it...

  4. On 10/25/2020 at 3:07 PM, Jeremy Green said:

    Also using and noted that when windows is working out what to copy the mountpoint will disconnect if i do too many files - 30,000 roughly.

    I have checked each drive from the manager no issues.

    I have removed the landing zone and this seems to be helping, but possibly a different issue as it was not emptying.


    I presume you opened a ticket as @CBers suggested in reply to your prior post. What was the reply?

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