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  1. I'd vote for the tree to be expanded by default.
  2. The formatting gets messed up for me constantly with IE9. Runs perfectly in Chrome.
  3. I have a drive outside my pool, but it shows as being in my pool;
  4. @JHerf68, I've always been interested in why people call places like Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, etc. the Midwest of the US. I'm about 20 miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah which I always thought was about midwestern. SLC is just about the middle of the western US.
  5. I believe the beta tester price before Oct 14 is $20.00.
  6. Thought it would be interesting to see how geographically spread out we are.
  7. @MikhailCompo, Are you WHS2011? If so, are you aware that if you have hi-res album art in your music folders that WHS by default will end up replacing the Folder.jpg files with 200x200 album art images and has also been known to modify / add tags in mp3 files? If you don't want this to happen this article @ WeGotServed has instructions for how to shut this "feature" of WHS2011 off; http://www.wegotserved.com/2011/08/05/stop-windows-home-server-2011-overwriting-album-art-mp3-tags/
  8. Even without the Dashboard you should be able to RDP to your WHS2011 box from another PC on your network. This way you don't have to hook up a monitor and keyboard to the WHS box even it the Dashboard won't come up. On a Win7 or Vista PC you should find the Remote Desktop Connection tool in the Accessories program group (not sure where RDP lives on a XP machine). You then can either specify your server name or IP, use the Administrator userid and whatever you set your admin password to. This should then bring up the desktop of your WHS2011 box on the PC you're accessing it from.
  9. @Case, I agree on the version update message which is shown as informational. It is thrown whenever a new version is installed on WHS. I also delete it and it stays gone until the next update.
  10. Per the Drive Bender website it appears that a valid beta membership ID is required for the pre-release sale. http://www.drivebender.com/news/2011/10/4/drive-bender-rc1-is-go.html
  11. Just curious on which DB you installed, the .msi or the .exe? I installed the .msi that's specific to WHS2011 and I do not get these notifications.
  12. @Swoop, Depending on which key you use you do different things. For the beta key posted on the download page do NOT check the box for online validation. It doesn't really give much of a acknowledgement, but it works. For the purchased key check the box for online validation. It gives a full acknowledgement that it has activated, you can also see that's it's activated in the DB Manager. @New2ark, Which type key? See above response to Swoop.
  13. It makes no sense to me either. And I'm sorry that I don't run MCM or MB so everything I say is just a guess regarding the problems you're seeing with MCM and MB. Can't say that I've heard of any other products that aren't working right when run on a DB pool. Makes me wonder if MCM / MB have some very short fused timeout code or other non-standard code in their IO handling?
  14. I believe the intent of Smooth Stream is to pre load up a memory cache with a bunch of the media file so that the media plays from the memory cache rather than being so dependant on physical disk IO to read the media. The IO can run in bursts and things will work fine as long as the IO keeps the memory cache from exhausting. One other thing you could try playing with on your DB server is in Computer properties -> Advanced system settings -> Advanced tab -> Performance settings button -> Advanced tab and then set Adjust for best performance of Background services.
  15. @CBers, Have you tried this with Smooth Stream both on and off in DB? The reason I ask is with my Squeezebox server that I run on my DB box if I turn on Smooth Stream it substantially elongates the time it takes to scan my music files to populate the music data base.
  16. Add the ability to customize the file types that Smooth Stream applies to. Perhaps a list box with the file types that Smooth Stream applies to with the ability to add or remove entries from the list. It might also be nice to give us the ability to adjust the buffer size allocated to Smooth Stream.
  17. This is a guess of something to look at. Did you update to the new beta activation key or have a perm activation key? The old key may be expired which will shut down your mount point. You can check this by looking at the log; Start the Smartinspectconsole and then open the most current .sil file. If it's a key problem it will show in the log.
  18. I would want this as a multiple choice feature. 1-Download and Install 2-Download and Notify 3-Make me check for the update
  19. You can change your timezone offset by going to Profile -> Modify Profile and then select Look and Layout from the dropdown. One of the items shows what time it thinks it is and you can then change the offset + or - hours.
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