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  1. To make sure the developer sees this you should also open a ticket. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  2. What do you have your display settings at? Is it greater than 100%? If it is, the DB management console may not scale well.
  3. I think you should open a support ticket and maybe suggest a "feature". Something along the lines of being able to exclude certain files or files from a certain process be excluded from writing to the landing zone.
  4. To ensure that the developer receives this in a timely fashion you should submit a support request. From your description it sounds like a probable bug. Seems to me that these pool maintenance functions should work properly for online pools and be bypassed for offline pools, especially the clearing of the Landing Zone. Here's a link to submit your support request; https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  5. Dup post. Again, open a ticket. This seems more like a bug than a feature request.
  6. Have you opened a support ticket? This is the best way to make sure the developer is aware of this issue.
  7. You should open a support ticket to ensure the developer is aware of this issue.
  8. I didn't think 2.8 was an "Insider" build. It's the only version directly available from DB. If the OP is on a post 2.8 "Insider" build they really need to be talking to the developer.
  9. You really need to open a ticket with the developer. https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  10. Yes, we're talking file structure only, I don't think DB cares about sector level access.
  11. Seems like you're on the right track. If you can copy the file structure as is you could then copy it back to your tested / reformatted drive. Then you should be able to bring DB back up with your full compliment of pooled drives and DB would be just fine. I would also suggest you open a ticket and run all this by the DB developer and see if they agree.
  12. Can't imagine needing any other reason to update!
  13. Since you don't use duplication the only thing I can think of is some type error in drive balancing. Have you tried to use the current version of Drive Bender, I notice from your sig that you are back level. Hopefully you've opened a ticket?
  14. You are correct on how to do the upgrade. Just uninstall current version - reboot - install new version - reboot. All should be fine. Is there something that WHS2011 doesn't do for you? I've been very pleased with WHS2011 and put on a patch to support UEFI based systems. I've had no problems with Win10 client backups and have successfully done bare metal restores to Win10 clients. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2781272/a-hotfix-is-available-to-add-backup-support-for-uefi-based-computers-t The biggest problem I've had is the bare metal restore client does not properly h
  15. Thanks! Been up and running fine since Nov 7, 2017
  16. I've only had one experience with the SMART feature... It let me know one of my drives had already failed. Up until the drive failed SMART showed the drive as fine.
  17. Your current raid 10 array would have to be broken to remove 2 of the 2TB drives and replace them with 2 10TB drives. Seems like you'd have to do something like install one of the 10 TB somewhere outside your raid 10 array - copy the data on the array to the 10 TB drive - shut down the array and reconfigure the 4 drives to JBOD (regular drives) - replace 2 of the 2TB drives with the 2 10TB drives (1 of these drives would contain the data you copied from the array) - install the DB software (you will find the DB manual in the install directory "Drive Bender Manual.pdf" you should read the manua
  18. Why can't you put the cloned drive in the pool with a new drive and then drain the cloned drive? Seems like this should get your files squared away in the pool. Then you can put the cloned drive back in your NAS.
  19. I would highly recommend opening a ticket. This does not happen on WHS 2011, it may be an issue with Win10.
  20. I see this same type scan slowdown with my Squeezebox music server software. A full scan of my music files on a native JBOD drive takes about 5 minutes. With my music on the DB pool drive the same full scan take about 15 minutes. I have no trouble with playing music. Since I only do music scans when I add or modify tags in my music I don't worry too much about it.
  21. You can download 2.6 here http://files.division-m.com/DriveBender v2600.exe Don't know about 2.5
  22. Have you opened a support ticket? What do you mean "drive bender can't connect to the local server"? Are you referring to the Drive Bender Manager or the WHS Dashboard or what? What version of Windows are you running Drive Bender on?
  23. Don't know how often Anthony looks here?? If I were you I'd open a ticket.
  24. When you installed DB did you first in-install the prior version and reboot before you installed I ask because this installed fine on my WHS2011 box. What version of drivebender.dll is in C:\Program Files\Division-M\Drive Bender\lib\v5, if it's the version can you manually copy it?
  25. Version installed much better this time. Thanks Anthony!
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