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  1. i'm on server 2012 r2 but i guess the ui should look the same.


    you can enable/disable "Landing Zone" through the "show detailed information about this drive"-tile right next to the "swap"-tile and the "remove"-tile in DB Manager. 

    Thank you! That was the trick I was missing. Very obvious now.


    I added the SSDs D drive to the pool and then that option was available under the "Show Detailed information about this drive" tile.

  2. Just a bit of DB newbie feed back . New install of WHS 2011 on EX495. 3 2TB drives for the pool. Boot drive is SSD. Not currently a production machine but hopefully will be soon.


    I tried the full release 1.9.5 and was struggling with the use interface plus I really wanted to try the landing zone feature advertised for V2 and aparently enabled in beta v2.0.2. Read through the Beta info and each release. Decided to uninstall v1.9.5 and try beta 2.0.3. Much happier with the user interface. I was up and running very quickly with the little knowledge gained from trying v1.9.5. Love the new user interface. Seems like almost everything is easy to find and easy to understand. I don't find any mention of the Landing zone though in the Dashboard, Manager, Manager settings or User manual linked under the "?". I read that this was enabled in beta Version 2.0.2 so I am a bit puzzled as to why I can't find it anywhere in the user interface or any mention of it in the manual. (Help link in the Dashboard doesn't do anything)


    Possible bug: Balancing seems to work perfectly when new files are copied to empty folders already in the pool but when I moved the Computer backups folder which was not empty into the pool balancing did not complete by the next day. When I first opened up the manager there wasn't any pool activity. When I opened up the duplication link in the Manager just now to look at duplication I saw that all the files I copied in to an empty folder last night were duplicated but duplication of the computer backups folder indicated a problem with the duplicated version of the file. However just opening the duplication link appeared to resume duplication and it appears to be fixing the issues file by file as I write this. It has now fixed all of the files and pool activity has stopped.

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