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  1. Hey Guys - About a month ago, I had some major issues with my pool as you can see here. The major ones are resolved, but there were still some minor ones hanging around. Wednesday afternoon, I got a notification that one of my disks jumped down to 11% health via Sentinel Disk Manager so ordered a replacement immediately. On Friday, I replaced the bad 3tb disk with a new 4tb (via the DB Manager) and after a few hours of moving files, it completed successfully. I also added an 8th disk (4tb) to the pool as I was running out of space. Now, however, I'm running into an issue I haven't seen before and can't find info for online let alone this forum. After a couple of hours of the system being on, access to the pool gets really slow and occasionally stalls for a few seconds. In the log file, I get the below error listed over and over again: [PoolNode \\?\Volume{f006bd8a-ff10-11e3-b3f9-806e6f6e6963}] - Waiting on the enumeration lock timed out. The lock value is 9 If I remember correctly, sometimes it has a value of "10" instead Nothing I do seems to resolve it except a full restart of the system. I do have two other issues currently, but the above one seems to be the biggest. Any ideas? I've already opened a ticket with support. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply. Here are the answers to your questions: 1. How full is your 20tb pool of 8 drives? - First of all, I just re-counted and have 7 pools in drive. Must had counted incorrectly the first time. Apologies. When the issues started, it had 500gb free. Once the drive went offline, it had basically no free space. Once fixed, it displayed ~500gb free again. I deleted 800gb of ISOs off of it which had previously been balanced, therefore now it has much more free space. Below are the current stats: Pool Total: 789gb of 20tb free DB1: 87gb of 2.73tb free DB2: 67.97gb of 1.82tb free DB3: 82.01gb of 2.73tb free DB4: 67.52gb of 1.82tb free DB5: 104.71gb of 3.64tb free DB6: 213.30gb of 3.64tb free DB7: 166.57gb of 3.64tb free 2. Is it a problem with When I initially had the issue, I was on It was about 48 hrs later after getting the other drive back online that I upgraded to, so no, I don't think the version is the issue. Due to all the information I've posted above, I did want to clarify that I may now read / write to the pool, but it's not balancing or performing checks as it should. Therefore, basically the only thing in my log files are the below 6 lines being repeated over and over again: - [scheduling Monitor] - Starting task: TPoolBalanceTask with Id: {7645FCD6-E6EA-49DD-BA6E-09D6D8B68AE3} - [balancing {33EBA70D-F78A-4E38-9B98-E5C0F427712A}] - Balance task started for pool id: {0E427878-8053-4384-9109-0E0480366A71} - [scheduling Monitor] - Scheduling item completed with message: There are not enough drives in the pool to perform balancing. We will sleep for a bit and try again soon.. Next task execution at: 9/3/2014 2:17:39 PM - [scheduling Monitor] - Starting task: TPoolSmartTask with Id: {90886F14-C69D-45B6-87CA-8C2D45071ADF} - [Worker Task Id: {1FCC7A49-91AA-4D2F-8BD3-7DEA05868E2F}] - Drive SMART task started for pool id: {0E427878-8053-4384-9109-0E0480366A71} - [scheduling Monitor] - Scheduling item completed with message: There are not enough drives in the pool to perform a SMART check. We will sleep for a bit and try again soon.. Next task execution at: 9/3/2014 2:17:44 PM Thanks again
  3. Good Afternoon Guys - Below is an update to the issues above. It's a copy / paste of the ticket as I've updated it. First, I wanted to say this: The biggest issue I'm having right now is that I opened the case 5 days ago as the highest priority, have spent much time making numerous updates to it in great detail, and the only response I've received from support so far is "we are looking into it" which was exactly 48 hours ago (included in paste below.) When I decided to pool my drives, I did have choices and chose Drive Bender as it had a Support system including forum which seemed to be moderated by the company. After initial use, I was impressed so I listed them as a "favorite" tool on my website and even spent 30 minutes adding them to AlternativeTo.net in detail plus giving great reviews there and elsewhere. I'm really disappointed... Below is the updated information from the ticket if anyone has suggestions... UPDATE: Security refresh did not work... UPDATE: September 01, 2014 01:16 Found option to Repair Pool. Ran it which only took a couple of minutes. This seemed to fix the issue where I couldn't make new folders - at least initially. I opened log files afterwards and stull get the two below errors over and over. - There are not enough drives in the pool to perform a file health check - There are not enough drives in the pool to perform a SMART check Its also still not balancing. Considering performing Pool Restore. Suggestion? UPDATE: September 01, 2014 06:14 Division-M Hi Ben, I just wanted to let you know that we are looking through your log files and well get back to you soon. Thanks, Anthony Smith - Division-M To get the latest on Drive Bender, follow us on twitter - @drivebender UPDATE: September 01, 2014 11:59 Thanks - Fortunately, the immense amount of log writing has stopped. I just checked and a new log file was created today, but theres just one so far and its under 2mb. Im still having the two errors listed above, though, plus the disks arent balanced as they used to be as they all have uneven space free. One additional thing I forgot to mention when running the repair option was that I deleted 800gb in files which were spread out therefore freeing space on all disks where most before only had kilobytes free Ive attached today's log file so far in a zip file. Thanks db-2014-09-01-00-00-08.zip db-2014-09-01-00-00-08.zip UPDATE: September 02, 2014 00:40 Is there any update? I understand it was a 3 day weekend for many, but was hoping to have some kind of suggested solution today. Thanks September 03, 2014 10:53
  4. Morning Guys - After a drive went offline temporarially a couple of days ago, I have had major issues withh my pool. I opened a ticket immediately, but have yet to receive a comment on it from Support. I decided to post all of its contents here in hopes someone may have a suggestion. Below is a copy of the ticket opened plus all updates ive added since. Any suggestions would be much appreciated! #9985 Drive Offline - Cannot Access any Content in Pool - HELP! Good Afternoon - I really need help, please! I currently have a 20tb pool on a server which is made of 8 drives with one set as landing zone. When getting errors in apps, I found out that the pool went from ~500gb free to no free space. I looked in Drive Bender Manager and drive #1 (landing zone drive) was offline. I tried getting it back online, but couldn't - even after reboot. I tried setting a different drive with free space as landing zone and was able to. The pool now shows the same amount of space free as new landing zone drive has. The biggest issue is that any time I try to write to the pool, I get access denied. Please help with any suggeteions you have. I'm running Windows 7 x64. Thanks! I posted this last night, but just saw the verification email this morning which is why it says it was just submitted. I have partially resolved the issue. I shut down the system, disconnected power, and reseated all drive power and sata cables. After powering back on, the drive was back online. I opened Hard Disk Sentenel and found that the drive I was using as my landing zone was at 76% health with 16 bad blocks. Therefore, I removed the landing zone role and added it to a different drive which had 100% health. For the next few hours, the pool re-balanced to move files from the formerly full new landing zone to the old landing zone. This completed after a couple of hours. Once finished, I canceled scanning tasks and upgraded to then restarted. Since the balancing finished and upgrade, it's been "Scanning the pool" every since and overnight - finding many missing folders. As it currently stands, I'm still having big issues as when I try to move / write new files to the pool,. I frequently get errors or am unable to do so. The strange thing is that it seems I can copy files from other non-pooled drives into some folders in the pool, but not into other folders in the pool. I'd send log files, but I currently have 928mb worth just from today's date - the 30th - alone (attached pic #1.) I've also included a screenshot of DB Manager to show an overview of it's current state. (attached pic #2) Lastly, is a screenshot of the Running Tasks. (attached pic #3) All of this taken with the system uptime of 12 hours, 33 minutes where it's basically been left at idle the entire time. What may I do to remedy this? I have already ordered a couple of new drives overnight but need to be functional ASAP. Thank You One more thing... I just opened the latest log file which is currently ~60mb so far. I found many items listed as such: [Worker Task Id: {0C5A59B8-4E1D-484F-9738-5388DF2287D7}] - Balancing file: \{81B45237-9B78-4E0F-95D8-C29128795A8F}\- Installables -\- OBD CAR -\BMW_TIS_2006_03\DOCS\1\05\15\57.HS [Worker Task Id: {0C5A59B8-4E1D-484F-9738-5388DF2287D7}] - No enough free space on target drive, file: \- Installables -\- OBD CAR -\BMW_TIS_2006_03\DOCS\1\05\15\57.HS will not be moved. There are MANY entries saying "Not enough free space" as mentioned above - probably why there are so many log entries. My pool has ~450gb free, but since I set a landing zone, it filled up all other drives. Is this why it's occurring? Should I not use the landing zone feature to resolve? I copied then compressed the log file and got it down to a 5mb zip file. I actually got it a bit smaller with an rar, but wanted to send something more standard. I'm going to try to attach it to this post. Just thought I'd send this as a clue. Thank You NOTE: I got a ZenDesk error when trying to Submit after attching the file. I'm going to try attaching the rar file which is a bit smaller now. UPDATE - Im still experiencing the same issues, but wanted to list another couple characteristics: - Since doing all the tasks listed in this ticket, Drive Bender Manager has said "Scanning Pool" the entire time seemingly. So much so, that the 962mb of log files (all of them) keep rolling over so that their combined age range is only 2 hours. - I can make new files in the folders in the pool I attempted, but cannot create new folders as it says "access denied." Ive had to move many services to write to non-pooled drives but it would take hours to redo them all not to mention move them back later. - Due to errors, I removed the Landing Zone role from any drives. In theory, this should have balenced all drives to have equal space free on each. However, even though ive tried initiating balancing manually, it wont do so and 24hrs later i still have pooled disks wwith 1mb or so free. Since i have yet to receive a reply, i am comsidering uninstalling drive bender, removing all traces of it, and reinstalling hoping the pool will re-create. Please advise Thanks UPDATE - Two more things to report: Im currently resetting all permissions by doing the following per disk in pool: - Map drive to disk via Manager - Open properties of DB folder in root - Editting Security of it via Advanced - Adding mu local user with full rights and editing auth users to give full rights - Selecting replace on all child files & folders I also noticed a few additional things in the log which i was looking at while the above was applying - [scheduling Monitor] - Scheduling item completed with message: There are not enough drives in the pool to perform a file health check. We will sleep for a bit and try again soon.. Next task execution at: 8/31/2014 10:04:38 AM - [scheduling Monitor] - Scheduling item completed with message: There are not enough drives in the pool to perform a SMART check. We will sleep for a bit and try again soon.. Next task execution at: 8/31/2014 10:04:33 AM These repeat over and over again. DB Manager shows all 8 are members of pool. Please advise - Thanks Security refresh did not work... Any suggestions from the community? Thanks guys!
  5. Hey Guys - Yesterday, I started adding a drive to my drive pool at 4:30pm. Its now 9:30am (17 hours later) and its still on step 2. I expected it to take a while as it had files on it, but not this long. Is it also normal for the pool to be unmounted during the entire operation? A few minutes ago, i clicked Hide on the process window and an excption error was underneath it saying "could not connect" I attributed this to Drive Bender Manager which was still open not being able to connect to the pool. Below are the stats I have. Any thoughts? Pool Stats (before adding drive) - 16.4tb - 7 drives - All sata connected - Only 6% free space Drive Added Stats - 4tb total - Only 20% free space - sata connected I don't want to chance anything, but am getting to where i need to access files in pool soon. Thanks! Update: After writing this, I thought I'd take a look at the log files. I started SmartInspect and opened the newest log file (which had yesterday's date as last modified.) Unfortunately, there either are no time stamps per line or I can't see them. They don't offer me any clues, but may for others so have attached the file. I had to compress it due to size. db-2014-08-05-00-00-02.zip I also tried launching Drive Bender Console. Upon launch, it couldn't connect. Is this normal when adding a drive? Thanks
  6. Hey Guys - A couple of weeks ago, I performed an OS re-install. Previously, I had a 20tb pool, but after finding that some files were missing from a variety of folders, realized today that when the pool automatically re-added itself, it only re-added 6 of the 7 drives. Since then, I've made some changes - but - my biggest concern is adding the other drive back into the pool and having data merged back to the way it was before. I considered simply re-adding it and choosing to merge the data, but the data which would normally be in it's root is in a folder with a hex name due to it formally being in a pool. How can I add this data and this drive back into the pool and have it's files go into the proper paths? I temporarially added a drive letter to it and below is what's currently in it's root: - Folder named "{81B45237-9B78-4E0F-95D8-C29128795A8F}" (Opening it mirrors root folders of my pool) - Folder named "BACKUP.$DRIVEBENDER" - x3 1kb files with names in the same format (but different charachters) as the first folder name) Thanks!
  7. Hey Guys - Did an OS re-install today after getting in a larger SSD for my OS. Still running Windows 7 x64. After OS install, I installed Drive Bender and was prompted to Restore my pool. I did. After a couple more reboots, I opened Drive Bender Manager and it says that No Pools in Drive. Why it this happening? The pool appears and I can access it. Thanks
  8. Sorry for late reply... Honestly I actually forgot I posted until I searched for issue tonight and this (my) post came up. Whoops - sorry for typo. Anyways, I'm on the latest version. About 10 days ago, I upgraded from 1.x to the new 2.x. The upgrade was rather smooth and quick except for after the first reboot (plus another reboot within an hour after upgrade) where I had to start the drive bender service manually. Still, though, I have high RAM usage. A reboot knocks the RAM use down a bit, but it still goes back up after a while. Currently, my systems been on for a few hours and it's using well over a gig right now. Also, it's worth noting that I recently added a drive. This makes my pool a bit over 23tb now with about 2tb free. Kinda strange seeing a drive in Windows showing a red storage bar graph (My Computer) due to low space yet still have 2tb free Lastly, do t know if it was due to upgrade, but recently had to create symlink for drive benders log file folder to a new, non-pooled drive. It was in the default location on C: which is my so drive and only 55gb. I moved the files because the logs had exceeded 3gb of space in hardly any time. Looked for logging option to see if debug was on, but didn't see that it was. I considered creating a task to restart computer nightly, but often download FTP overnight making that not work out well. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. I finally figured it out. Found out that Evenrything could be configured to use folder / path-based indexing as well as USN Journaling. The performance of it vs USN isn't nearly as good, but it works. Thanks
  10. Hey Guys - I pooled 6 of my 9 (SATA) drives a couple of months ago to create a virtual 16tb partition on my primary system running Windows 7 x64 at home. Including the pool, my system has the following partitions: - C: - 50GB / OS - D: - 16TB / Pool / Data & Media - E: - 500GB / App Installation Drive - K: - 1.5TB / Data A new application / tool I'm starting to use requires the use of Window's native PerfMon (Performance Monitor.) Unfortunatly, the application isn't working by throwing as error when trying to get information from the OS. I launched PerfMon and before I could do anything, it threw the following error: In case you can't see picture, it is three lines that say... Unable to add these counters: \PhysicalDisk(*)\%Idle Time \PhysicalDisk(*)\Avg. Disk Queue Length After clicking OK, I either try to add counters - or - create my own personal Data Collector Set, but the Physical Drive category / section isn't even listed. It's like it was left out. I've searched all over Google and can't find a single instance of Perf Mon acting this way. I know that it worked when I first installed the OS. Since then, the only major OS / system change has been adding a couple of disks and creating the Drive Bender pool. The only other thing it may be in my mind is due to the number of drives I have connected to the system as well as 6 of them being attached to the motherboard and the other 3 via PCIE card. The ports are a mix of 3GBPS and 6GBPS. Any Ideas? Thanks!
  11. Hey All - Quick Question - I currently have a 16.3tb Pool made up of x6 standard SATA drives that I use for data storage. Due to issues with the pool at the beginning, I currently install apps and games to a SATA drive not in the pool and my OS is also installed to an SSD which isn't in the pool. The performance of the pool isn't bad, but then again, I use it as a repository. I think I saw that in the upcoming version, you could create a mount point (or whatever it's called) where the designated drive would be the interface representing the pool for the most part. Assuming that I understand this correctly, could I then add an SSD to the pool, then designate it as that point for greatly improved performance - even enough to install apps to? If this is all true, has anyone used the latest beta yet (wrote this on 4/20) and if so how stable is it? Thanks!
  12. Hey Guys - I've had a Drive Bender pool for about two months now. After a rough start, it's now working better - to the point that integrating it was worth it overall. I currently have it installed on my home "server" (specs below) which creates a single 16.3tb pool / partition from 6 individual SATA drives. Most of the files are multimedia, but there's also a large variety of other files, too. The issue I'm having (if an issue) is that Drive Bender is using a large amount of memory on the system. Restarting it does reset this use, but I must do so roughly every 2-3 days to prevent it from getting too large. As of typing, DriveBenderService.exe is using over 1.3MB of RAM after a restart just last night. I did move many files/folders this morning when sorting things, but all of them stayed within the pool. After time, the usage never seems to go down. As mentioned above, only a restart will reset it. Below are my system specs. Please let me know if you have any suggestions, thoughts, if this is normal behavior, and if so will newer releases have improved usage. System Specs Intel Core i7 3770K / Gigabyte MB (6 SATA Ports on board - 2 on PCIE Card) 16gb RAM / Windows paging file not on pooled drive Windows 7 x64 - Fully Patched System Storage - Partitions - C: - SSD (Not Pooled - OS) - D: - DB Pool - E: - Hybrid (Not Pooled) - K: - Standard SATA (Not Pooled) - Pool Information - 16.3tb / x6 Drives / All standard SATA / Mix of 3gbps & 6gbps ports Thanks!
  13. Morning All - I've had a 16TB (5 drive) DriveBender Pool running for almost two months now on my home "server" (Win7 x64.) After some issues at first, it now seems to be doing much better and worth the change. Can't wait for new version to be released! I've got an issue I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions for, please... The Issue For the past few years, I've used the tool "Everything" daily on most of my PCs. It's a fairly simply application which indexes your files for instant searching and even can provide a file index server per host if needed. The problem is, it won't index my pool. In Everything's settings, it lists each partition on your system. For each, you may check "Enable USN Journaling" which basically adds it to Everything's searchable index. Below are the options for my D: partition which is my DriveBender pool. As you can see, it's option is greyed out. The other partitions: C:, E:, & K: are standalone disks. Any ideas on how I could get the pool to work with Everything? Thanks!
  14. Hey Guys - After a friend at work suggested it, I decided to download and try out Drive Bender about a week ago. I installed a test pool to learn a bit about it. Yesterday, I decided to go all in. I purchased a license (2, actually), then proceeded to pool. Unfortunately, I've had a lot of trouble since doing so. Below is the issue I'm having, the system specs, before / after, and the procedure I used to pool them. Help! The Issue My system is running much, much slower than normal and freezes often. Some applications won't open - even after full uninstall / reinstall. Example: Previously, I had Plex Media Server installed. App files were installed to C:, but I had the index set to E: which is one of the drives I pooled. Post pooling, Plex wouldn't open. I uninstalled / reinstalled including erasing AppData files yet when I launch it, it doesn't even appear in Task Manager. I realize now that I should have moved caches like that and paging files before starting, but too late now... System Specs - Intel i7 3770k CPU - 16GB RAM - Windows 7 x64 Pro (Fully Patched) Before x1 60GB SSD C: (OS Drive) x7 2-4TB SATA HDD D:,E:,F:,H:,I:,J:,K: (Variety of things - mostly media) After x1 60GB SSD C: (OS Drive) x1 16.3tb Pool D: (Pooled 6 of my 8 drives) x1 2tb SATA HDD K: Procedure 1. Restarted Computer then closed any Auto-Run apps to give clean start 2. Created a new pool and used D: drive. Used all defaults, I believe 3. After adding drive and rebooting when prompted, I watched Running Tasks and would wait for adding to complete before adding the next drive Initially, I added all drives but my OS drive using the same options for each. Once done, though (no tasks in list) the K: drive still appeared as well as it's data. In Drive Bender, it showed that it was in the pool, but for all intents and purposes it seemed it wasn't. Note: I didn't know about Tasks window and had to find it. All I saw post reboot in DB was "Restart Required" next to newly added drive. Due to this, I restarted a couple more times thinking saomething was wrong, when it was just that the drive hadn't finished yet 4. For K:, I chose to "Remove the Drive" in Drive Bender. After a few hours, all the copying finally finished and it was out of the pool (yet nothing really looked different from the My Computer view. While waiting for the files to copy, the system was obviously slow. The Tasks view froze at 98% / 70% so I had to monitor it via System Resources / Disks view. This morning, I saw there was no more activity, but Drive Bender Task was still at 98% / 70%. I restarted the machine and the tasks list was empty and it seemed to have worked Overall Currently, I'm at work, but connect to my system via RDP throughout the day. I've got a great connection so there's never lag - but - the system, itself seems to freeze whenever any multitasking is attempted. I reviewed Windows Event Logs, but don't see anything out of the ordinary. I'm an SCCM Engineer so am extremely familer with Windows / log files so can pretty much determine what's normal. Besides that, I haven't gone much deepr yet as I wanted to post and see if there were any suggestions. I posted on Plex's forum about the issue with Plex Server specifically, too. Below is if you want to see more detail about it and this scenario. I tried inserting the URL, but it made my browser freeze and had to retype all of the above https://forums.plex.tv/index.php/topic/101234-plex-server-will-not-start-after-pooling-drives/ The last thing I want to do is loose 16tb of data. I'll be happy to post any log files needed. Please help! Thanks!
  15. Hey All - I have a home media server with a lot of media on it. A friend told me about drive bender the other day and I've installed it, but before adding my disks (except OS one), wanted to verify the procedure so I don't wipe anything as I currently don't have backups. Below is my setup on my media server. I would assume drive bender would put all my drives on a single partition plus make it much easier to manager, but wanted to post and check first given unique scenario: My Media Server - Windows 7 x64 - x9 total hard drives - 60gb mSATA SSD for OS & small apps (15.2gb free) All rest of drives below are standard SATA disks - 3tb for downloads and media (175gb free) - 2tb of media (453gb free) - 3tb of media (402gb free) - 4tb of media (235gb free) - 2tb of media and app installations (959gb free) - 4tb media (260gb free) - 2tb of random things (1.1tb free) - 4tb drive (empty - on order) I made a test / trial drive in the last drive, but haven't really done much with it. It would be great to have a single share, though, for each of my media types. What do you suggest? Thanks!
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