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  1. So far so good on a Server 2016 installation - been running for a few hours. Installed over a Beta installation.
  2. Bothe and Beta works fine here on a 2016 Essentials install.
  3. Did a overwrite of on a Windows Server 2016 Essentials. No problems so far.
  4. Installed on Server 2016 Essentials - and all works - thanks for the effort thesmith
  5. Uninstalled on Server 2016 Essentials and installed these. On first reboot the mount refused to go online. In the drivebender log there was an access violation in drivebenderservice.exe at adress: FFFFFFFC. Further more overall health status reported a terminal error has occured. Rebooted a second time and the mount came up - no access violations but the terminal error still persists. Other than that everything runs fine.
  6. jpfrost: Running server 2016 Essentials with DB here. My guess would be that it is not Server 2016s fault.
  7. I use the drivebender client on another PC to manage my pool on the server. For tablets or phones an app/webinterface could be useful - but again, imo it is not needed.
  8. When there are enough bad sectors and files becomes unreadable i force remove said drive and uses a external usb sata interface. Then Unstoppable copier (http://www.roadkil.net/program.php?ProgramID=29) to salvage the files than can be read of the drive.
  9. Had the task scheduler problem with but with iam experiencing the same as forkicks: Service not starting at all. Edit: Where do i download the version again? Just want to rollback until the problem is solved.
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