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  1. Yes, I have 1.5Tb of duplicated files, so I suspect there are going to be at least some files which were lost with both the primary and duplicate on those drives alone. Unfortunately as ruralcricket mentioned, there seems to be no file database which would flag files that are completely missing. At this point, it's a needle in a haystack to try to figure which files are missing, so I guess I'll err on the side of caution & kick off a full restore of those files I back up to CrashPlan.
  2. I had two of my six pool drives fail in the same day after a couple of power hits. Everything important in my pool is duplicated but I'm sure I will have lost at least some files duplicated between those two drives. Is there any way for the pool to tell me which duplicated files are completely missing from the pool? I also have a lot of non-duplicated files which would also be useful to get that information for (though less important). I do have backups of everything but with over 200gb of data in cloud backup it will take a very long time to scan & restore if I have to do a full restore.
  3. Yeah, I didn't think of that, thanks. Turns out the most recent few files I've had the issue with are not on that drive... I'll have to keep an eye on the issue to see if I can figure out what's happening. It mainly happens with video files, as that's the primary use for my server. Sometimes when watching a file from a mapped drive, the playback will stall. Then I can't copy the particular file from the server to the local machine. The copy process will go fine for a while, then just stop. I do sometimes notice that my drives mapped to the server get stuck in a refreshing state for 30-60 seconds when trying to open them in explorer. Perhaps it's more of a generic networking issue to the server rather than a file storage problem. I guess installing Wireshark or something on the server for a while may be a good idea to figure out what's going on there.
  4. I'm having some issues with some files being intermittently inaccessible in my pool. There doesn't seem to be much of a pattern to it & repeated retrying of a copy eventually works. The files I've noticed that I'm having issues with are all non-duplicated. I do have some non-critical SMART errors on one of the 6 drives in my pool, but before I go through the process of removing it I'd like to try to figure out if the affected files are stored on that drive or elsewhere. Is it possible to find which physical pooled drive a single file is stored on? I've had a look around options & settings etc but don't see any obvious way to do it.
  5. The file count always stays at "calculating" for me. I've never see it say anything else, after several weeks of DriveBender use.
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