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  1. Licensing server issues

    Thanks for the update Anthony.
  2. Cloud Xtender Improvement Idea

  3. Patch v2.8.2.2

    Thanks for the reply Anthony. I assume this will be rolled into the next release?
  4. Patch v2.8.2.2

    Thanks Anthony. Is this only relevant to v2.8.0.0, or all versions please?
  5. Problems with scanning new files in Plex

    I have both Emby and Plex libraries sitting in my DriveBender pool and I don't have any scanning issues. I am currently running DriveBender v2.7.0.0. If/when you have a problem, please raise a Support Ticket.
  6. Please raise a Support Ticket so that [mention=1]admin[/mention] (Anthony) is aware. It will help others going forward. Thanks.
  7. copy of files stops after 2 GB

    As [mention=23]w3wilkes[/mention] said, raise a Support Ticket.
  8. As [mention=4540]ruralcricket[/mention] says, we need more information, or else raise a Support Ticket.
  9. v2.8.0.0 released 2017-10-26

    Announcement here: https://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5848-Drive-Bender-v2.8.0.0-released
  10. Yes, it becomes enabled but there's no activity after clicking finish. This was in Chrome on my phone, so no console available. I will try on my PC later and report back if there are any errors. Thanks.
  11. Duplicated files are on both discs. If you forcibly remove one disc, there will be no duplication, which may cause DB to go read-only. If you remove all duplicated BEFORE removing the disc, you might be OK. What is it exactly that you want to go?
  12. Hi Anthony. When registering, clicking on AGREE and then FINISH doesn't appear do anything. I closed the browser after 30s and reopened and I was logged in. Thanks.