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  1. CBers

    How to upgrade to 3.1?

    I installed over the top. All worked well and still is.
  2. CBers


    Again, not sure there are many CX users here, so it might be best to raise a Support Ticket.
  3. CBers

    File encrypted?

    Not sure there are many CX users here, so it might be best to raise a Support Ticket.
  4. CBers

    Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released

    What do you mean it doesn't work? Have you disabled the DB firewall? Have you raised a Support Ticket?
  5. CBers

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    Hiya. No, sorry, I don't use it. Have you updated to the Full Release (v3.1) ? If so, I'd raise a Support Ticket so that [mention=1]Anthony[/mention] can take a look.
  6. CBers

    Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released

    Update to v3.1.0.0 today as well. So far so good, but I never had any issues in the previous beta. Keep shovelling the snow [mention=23]w3wilkes[/mention] [emoji301][emoji3]
  7. Do you need to duplicate everything? I have some folders duplicated, such as personal stuff, but I also have backups (copies) elsewhere.
  8. You could try removing duplication completely, wait 24 hours (or your pre-defined time period) for the balancing to run, then once all removed, re-duplicate them. Unless others have suggestions, I'd raise a Support Ticket.
  9. CBers

    Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released

    You should update your existing Support Ticket, or raise a new one, as I didn't have any DLL issues going from v2.7 to v3.
  10. CBers

    Drive Bender v3.1.0.0 released

    Congratulations Anthony.
  11. CBers

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    Great news Anthony 👍 Merry Christmas.
  12. CBers

    System Notification Alert

    I'd either uninstall and reinstall DriveBender and see if that clears it, or raise a Support Ticket for the devs to investigate.
  13. CBers

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    10 days in and still running OK.
  14. CBers

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    OK, I've now upgraded to v3.0.9.0. All seems OK at the moment.
  15. CBers

    Beta v3.0.9.0

    LOL Glad to hear it's running OK. I think I might take the plunge and upgrade mine today