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  1. v2.8.0.0 released 2017-10-26

    Announcement here: https://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5848-Drive-Bender-v2.8.0.0-released
  2. Yes, it becomes enabled but there's no activity after clicking finish. This was in Chrome on my phone, so no console available. I will try on my PC later and report back if there are any errors. Thanks.
  3. Duplicated files are on both discs. If you forcibly remove one disc, there will be no duplication, which may cause DB to go read-only. If you remove all duplicated BEFORE removing the disc, you might be OK. What is it exactly that you want to go?
  4. Hi Anthony. When registering, clicking on AGREE and then FINISH doesn't appear do anything. I closed the browser after 30s and reopened and I was logged in. Thanks.
  5. You should have said and we could have moved it. Only filed in the remaining disk(s) will be accessible. Why are you asking, have you forcibly pulled a drive without allowing the files to be migrated? Any files on the pulled disk should be able to be read if you assign a drive letter unless the disk is dead.
  6. Didn't you post about this the other day? If files are still on a forcibly removed HDD, then I would assume DriveBender would go into read-only mode, as not all of its files are available.
  7. Problems with scanning new files in Plex

    My EMBY libraries are in DriveBender and I don't see any issues. Are you Plex libraries not the same as they were outside of DriveBender?
  8. Problems with scanning new files in Plex

    Enumeration will take longer as Windows has to tree-walk more than one drive to produce the file listings. Once the maintenance has settled down after a few days, it should be better. If you still have problems, perhaps raise a Support Ticket. I think ruralcricket is referring to a competitor's software, such as Stable it's DrivePool and my application data, he means the binary/exe files.
  9. Sorry, but I had to ask Have you opened a Support Ticket yet?
  10. You're confident that you have the full version installed and not just the client version?
  11. Problems with big files

    Any feedback yet?
  12. Problems with big files

    Did you?