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  1. I'll contact Anthony separately and ask if there are any updates on this product.
  2. Welcome edo. To be honest, I'm not sure what the answer is, as I only have single accounts on the servers where I run DriveBender. Have you checked the permissions within DriveBender? It may be possible to create a separate folder mountpoint and grant access to this mountpoint only to your HTPC user. Have you read through the FAQs for DriveBender - https://support.division-m.com/hc/en-us/categories/201693583-Knowledge-Base-Drive-Bender If none of that is possible, and in lieu of any other answers, you could raise a Support Ticket (https://support.division-m.com) and get the devs involved. Let us know how you get on.
  3. That's sounds strange Marcelo. Have you rebooted the PC since setting up the DriveBender pool? Which version of DB are you using? There's always the option of raising a Support Ticket (https://support.division-m.com) and getting the devs involved. Keep us updated.
  4. So all of your old drives are in the restored pool on your new server? You may have to remove the drive letter from the pool disks as for some reason, they get assigned a drive by Windows and DB doesn't remove it on a restore. Once all your drives are found by DB and the pool is restored, you can add new drives to the pool. If that still isn't working as you think it should, then please raise a Support Ticket.
  5. Apparently, it's fixed for the next release.
  6. Strange. Have you raised a Support Ticket [emoji2]
  7. @tbar Did you get a resolution?
  8. I have seen a couple of times that when you delete a file, it doesn't delete and then when you try again, you get the permissions message. Rebooting does seem to release some kind of lock on the file and it is then deleted. I would suggest raising a Support Ticket for the devs to investigate.
  9. CBers

    First post

    Thanks Anthony.
  10. I've had a few issues where when you delete a folder/file, it doesn't remove due to permissions. I found by trial and error that a reboot of the hardware fixed it for me. Not saying that will fix your issue, as by doing a system restore you should have to perform a reboot, but just wanted to mention it. As@w3wilkes says, please raise a Support Ticket, and hopefully it will get reviewed quickly.
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