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  1. CBers

    GBs of logfiles?

    I have 27 FILES on the Logs folder, going back 1 month. Total size is 367MB.
  2. In that case, if I was you, I would raise a Support Ticket.
  3. Are you trying to add disks on your NAS into a DriveBender pool ?? If so, that will not work.
  4. You could add a drive letter to (one of) your discs and see if you can access the files via File Explorer. That would either point to, or rule out, DriveBender. NB. Do not make any changes to the files though, as this could lead to problems within the pool.
  5. CBers

    Why do drives spool up every hour?

    Without knowing what else runs on your PC, it's hard to hazard a guess. Check your Task Scheduler and see if anything runs hourly. What setting do you have for a screensaver? Is it set to start after an hour of inactivity? Loads of things could cause disk access. My disks are on 24x7.
  6. CBers

    Pool passthrough to hyper-v vm

    A good question. Might be worth raising a Support Ticket.
  7. I just had to do the same with a failing 3Tb, but fortunately I had sufficient space in my pool, so I just force removed the drive, added a drive letter to it and then copied the files back into the pool. Once completed, I pulled the drive and replaced with a 6Tb. Job done.
  8. CBers

    DB for Synology

    I'd raise a Support Ticket and ask.
  9. CBers

    Why do drives spool up every hour?

    Balancing is controlled by you, via the GUI. See what it's set to and adjust accordingly. Also, check what else could be accessing the drives.
  10. Unless your primary and duplicated files were on the 2 failed discs, then DriveBender will re-duplicate anything that doesn't have a duplicate.
  11. I would do something a little different to w3wilkes's suggestion I would force remove the full drive from DriveBender. Then physically remove it from your PC and put in 2nd PC. Add the new bigger drive to the 1st PC, format it and add it to DriveBender. Then copy the content from old drive direct to the pool (across your lan). Only the content, not the DriveBender folders etc. Your choice of how you do it and then only if you're happy doing it all.
  12. Yes, that was a suggestion I was going to make based off the answers I asked for. Providing the OP is comfortable working at this level.
  13. No. DriveBender would think you had 5 drives in the pool with one missing and probably put it into read-only mode. Do you not have enough to room on the other 3 disks to take the contents of the disk you want to replace? Do you have another PC that you could add either the new or old drive to? There are options based on what your answers are.
  14. So you should be able to remove the drive letter for each drive, leaving just your mountpoint as P:, like you had before?
  15. Your mountpoint is P: isn't it? The others are drive letters aren't they?