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  1. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    I had 2 pools on my PC, but after offlining the temporary one, both went offline and I couldn't get either back. I rebooted and tried to recover from the scan disks option, but DB said there were no pools found. I even uninstalled DBv3 and installed v2. 7, but still nothing. Currently attempting to recreate from scratch.
  2. CBers

    SMB Drive

    Not sure what you're asking.
  3. Have you checked the DriveBender v3.0 release notes ?
  4. CBers

    DB 2.8 show incorrect info on drive

    What is in the root of the disk that is NOT in the pool ? Did you add the disk and remove it ? You can raise a Support Ticket for the developers to look at your issue.
  5. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    For people with issues, I would suggest opening Support Tickets, as this is the only way the developers can fix any potential issues.
  6. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    No one else installed DriveBender v3? I've had it running for over a week without any issues. Go on, give it a try.
  7. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Uninstalling and re-installing worked fine. I know this is the normal method, but the installer didn't say anything, so assumed (!!) that it would work, it didn't 🙄 All good now though 👍
  8. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Just installed v3 over the top of v2.7, but on PC restart, the DB service won't start. Will uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.
  9. CBers

    Beta v3.0.0.0

    Thanks Anthony 👍
  10. CBers

    Pool Statistics Empty

    Or, look under the pools at the top left of the screen and see if there is another pool as w3wilkes suggests.
  11. CBers

    Cloud Xtender + Drive Bender Question

    There was this BLOG on Drive Xtender: https://blog.division-m.com/2017/12/07/a-quick-xtender-update/
  12. CBers

    Cloud Xtender + Drive Bender Question

    Latest blog - https://blog.division-m.com/2018/07/23/the-malware-meltdown/
  13. CBers

    Drive Bender v3

    Thanks Anthony.
  14. CBers

    Patch v2.8.2.2

  15. CBers

    Patch v2.8.2.2