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  1. You can force remove the failing drive, then add a replacement. You can then add a drive letter to the failing disk to see if you can access the content and copy back to the pool. If you can't access the drive, then the content is lost.
  2. Having said that, there is now a beta release, but please read the thread thoroughly.
  3. No known estimate at present, but hopefully before the end of the year.
  4. Until DriveBender is officially supported on Windows 11, I would suggest that people stay on Windows 10 for the time being. If you upgrade to Windows 11, you will have issues. Thanks.
  5. Must have changed recently, as it's always been 60 days.
  6. It's already a 60-day trial.
  7. I think the only option is to delete them manually one at a time. It has been requested before to delete en masse, but hasn't been implemented. Thanks.
  8. Can you try with Chrome?
  9. I have contacted Anthony direct, but as it's the middle of the night where he is, it'll be a few hours before he responds. Thanks.
  10. What is the ticket reference for the licence release please?
  11. @Anthony Is this something you can look into please.
  12. @Fozzie Bear Perhaps raise a Support Ticket for the devs to know, even though you've resolved it. Thanks.
  13. Have you tried plugging it into a normal SATA port ? Might be an issue with the SAS Card. Have you tried Emby, it's much better than Plex 😉
  14. From the drive settings in DriveBender, you can PING VOLUME, making the drive's activity light flash so that you can easily identify it.
  15. Uninstall DriveBender, reboot, install DriveBender, reboot. Go into the DriveBender UI and recover the pool from the attached drives. Let us know how it goes. You should never lose any data with DriveBender. Worse comes to the worse, you can move your content on each drive to the root of it, delete the DB folders and create a new pool from scratch, but come back before you start on that path. Thanks.
  16. I wouldn't use any part of your OS disk in the DB pool, it's not recommended. Try and use a separate SSD as your LZ drive.
  17. CBers


    A Support Ticket to de-activate your licence key? You have 30 or 60 days to use it as a temporary licence. If you still don't hear back in a few days, let me know. Thanks.
  18. Damn. I lost a 4Tb drive last year, but didn't lose anything I couldn't recover from elsewhere. I made sure I had my important content duplicated within the pool and/or backed up to my Google Drive.
  19. @oj88 1. Nothing available, unless you manually run something yourself, which is now too late. 2. Yes, use the Force Remove option, then you can add a drive letter to it and see if you can access anything via Window File Explorer. 3. It should do. The drive doesn't sound too bad, but it's hard to tell. What does the SMART information say? If you need anything else, let us know. Thanks.
  20. Don't see why it wouldn't, it's only accessing a drive letter at the end of the day.
  21. @JohnDoe Have you updated the ticket from #1 above, requesting further information? I would suggest raising tickets for #2 and #3, so that the developers are aware. Thanks.
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