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    CBers got a reaction from extensive in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    v3.6 has just been released.
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    CBers got a reaction from w3wilkes in Change Log?   
    I'm sorry you feel that way.
    It's not a mess, just issues that can't be fully tested in a development environment, especially when new enhancements are being added.
    Whatever the issues have been, Anthony has worked night and day to fix them.
    You're on v3.2, so you're not that far behind.
    I am now running v3.6 on 5 different servers, all running without any issues.
    Anthony has posted about the "Recent issues with releases".
    I see you have posted elsewhere about Cloud Xtender, so I won't answer here.
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Recent issues with releases   
    Hi All,
    First up, I would like to apologies for all the recent updates. The last couple of releases (mostly v3.3 and v3.4) of Drive Bender have contained a very allusive "Access Denied" error (this was a timing/cache problem exposed as a result of improving I/O performance). In addition to v3.2 having an problem with the FolderWall module not disabling correctly, and displaying odd errors... In all, we have not covered ourselves in glory 😬
    .We are confident we are on top of these issues now with v3.6, and will be looking at our regression testing, and making some changes to ensure we are delivering a better product to our faithfully users!
    For those that had problems... thanks again for your support and, in some case, access to your machines to help diagnose issues 👍
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    CBers got a reaction from w3wilkes in Change Log?   
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Drive Bender v3.6.0.0a released   
    Release v3.6.0.0 release (2020/01/22)
    [ b ] Fixed a potential file looking issue.
    [ u ] Further performance improvement introduced.
    Release v3.6.0.0a release (2020/01/23)
    FolderWall may not process rules containing explicit application entries correctly.

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    CBers got a reaction from extensive in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    Not sure how, or why, that would happen.

    I have upgraded to v3.5, so you could try that.

    If still read-only, raise a Support Ticket.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in ServerFolders Access & Backup   
    Hopefully you meant Windows Home Server 2011. As far as I know there is no WHS 2010.
    On client computer backup it sounds like you have an error in your backup catalog. Have you tried doing a repair function on the client backup database? Here's a link with instructions for doing a repair.
    https://books.google.com/books?id=MufqJtL2evkC&pg=PT374&lpg=PT374&dq=whs2011+repair+client+backup+database&source=bl&ots=IzpDSmgVGq&sig=ACfU3U1DoLUc-vMk6dlDiUFzcDnvk2j8zA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiNztHU9JTnAhWTK80KHXU1BUcQ6AEwDXoECC4QAQ#v=onepage&q=whs2011 repair client backup database&f=false
    I have had an occasion a couple of years back where I ended up having to delete the whole client computer backup folder and re-setup the backups for my PC's since I was not able to get a successful repair.
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    CBers reacted to JonnyManiac in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    I’ve also seen similar post upgrade to 3.4 and rolled back to 3.2 as 3.1 has a memory leak that was causing major issues for me. At first sight it looks like all it is ok. The pool comes up and you can open files. The moment however you try to save an open Office file it fails to save leaving just the .tmp version it uses whilst you edit the file. The pool drive then becomes inaccessible even though DriveBender itself via the management console thinks all is ok! Only fix is the forcefully kill the DriveBender service exe in Task Manager or reboot my WHS2011 server as it basically kills it.

    Saving the file locally on the laptop I access the server from and then copying the file back to the server (same path) successfully overwrites the file.

    All other drives remain accessible unless you try to access the DriveBender volume at which point Explorer essentially crashes. The DriveBender console doesn't show any open files related to the (in this case) Excel spreadsheet but does appear to keep other open file handles 'active' and listed.

    Support ticket raised.
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    CBers reacted to spaceboy in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    same issue here with 3.4 except that it was NZBget that i was having issues with. after updating NZBget could write to its downloads folder, which was in the pool, but then i got read errors as it tried to extract the files.
    i restored my OS disk so unfortunately i don't have any other info
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    CBers reacted to extensive in [v3.4] Issues reading from pool   
    same for me with emby.
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    CBers got a reaction from w3wilkes in Windows XP   
    Have you considered upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 10?

    According to this page, DriveBender supports Windows XP, but you could raise a Support Ticket just to confirm.
    FYI, v3.4.0.0 has just been released.
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    CBers reacted to merwinsson in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    After doing some research for the support ticket, I am posting my observations here so others can see.
    This is what I found out.
    In my pool still doesn't work correctly, BUT I can now turn off the FolderWall (as opposed to which wouldn't let me), and doing so solves my problem.
    Also in I can't seem to see any logging.  Don't know why, but the log appears empty at all times.
    I've asked support to get my FolderWall working, and will report how that goes.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in Drive Idle - feature status   
    You should open a support ticket and ask the question regarding switching drivers. You should also include the info about DB being much slower and refer to this thread. The place to open a ticket is;
    Be sure to let us know what DB says.
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Drive Idle - feature status   
    This is being updated in the next major release... with a re-write of the feature that will also, dramatically improve pool performance.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    With this type error I would hope that you've opened a support ticket;
    They will probably give direction on setting some log levels and have you submit logs with the recorded data.
    Not an excuse, but the developer is in the Sydney Australia area and may be hampered by the devastating wildfires.
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    CBers reacted to merwinsson in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    For me it's different.  All of the software I have installed there (Steam games, Origin games, Blizzard games) give various errors when loading.
    Only after reverting back to 3.1 did things return to normal.
    FYI I have 4 500GB SSDs in my pool.
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    We have released v3.3... head to https://www.drivebender.com/downloads.html
    This will sort all FolderWall issues, here is a change log
    [ u ] By default the FolderWall feature (module) is not enabled. Important - This release will disable any pre v3.3 rules in place.
    [ b ] Fixed an error that some users were experiencing at boot concerning the FolderWall module.
    [ b ] At startup, a mount point conflict could occur that cause the mount point to be removed and recreated.
    [ u ] Added ".BVR" to the VIDEO file types.
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Pool firewall configuration failed   
    Hi All,
    First up, sorry to those users that are seeing this issue... we have sorted it for v3.3 which is in test ATM and scheduled for release on the 17th (Tuesday).
    It is important to note that the message itself has no effect on the pool, and all should run as normal... that said, we have found that, when in this state, modifying the rules can cause read issues for the pool. If you experiencing this, you need to do the following.
    Open regedit, head to "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Division-M\Drive Bender", here you will see a key, will be a GUID value  (for example "{1F804C48-A87A-4C1D-8E58-BCE89B7F6EEF}", yours will be different). This is the pool key, click on this and you see more keys, the mount point key will be the key without the ".VOLUME" extension, click on this and you will see a value called "Mount Firewall", edit this value and remove the value so it is blank... then restart.
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    CBers got a reaction from w3wilkes in Size and Free Space of duplicated mountpoints   
    You could always raise a Support Ticket and ask if there are any plans for it.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in DriveBender v3.2.0.0 available   
    V3.2.0.0 installed clean on WHS2011. Up and running now for 1 hour. Used the uninstall / install method and my pool came up fine and all files appear to be accessible.
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    CBers got a reaction from w3wilkes in DriveBender v3.2.0.0 available   
    There is a new version of DriveBender available, v3.2.0.0.
    Anthony will announce officially once the website has been updated over the next few days, but he asked that we let all users know.
    The new release is available from here.
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Uninstall Anvil   
    We did receive your ticket, and we are working on a fix.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in Uninstall Anvil   
    Did you try doing the old fashioned Control Panel -> Programs and Features and then do the uninstall from there? Did you reference this thread in your ticket? I can't speak for the response, but Anvil isn't their only product. I think the developer does this work part time and where he is in Australia it's currently the weekend.
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    CBers reacted to w3wilkes in Incorrect pool size reported in console   
    This has been reported and the developer says it will be fixed in release
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    CBers reacted to Anthony in Cloud Xtender v3.0.0.0   
    Release v3.0.0.0a release (2019-07-10)
    [ b ] Windows Explorer integration could cause Windows Explorer to crash.
    [ n ] Added script command to install that can add/remove Windows Explorer integration.
    Release v3.0.0.0 release (2019-06-24)
    [ u ] Updated service with all new Drive Xtender code base.
    [ u ] Updated client to be compatible with service.
    Download here
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