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  1. I haven't seen any problems. My pools are running fine.. Phil
  2. This is starting to sound like a good version. I'll wait a couple of more days and if no problems pop up then I'll upgrade from 2150.. Thanks for all of the feedback.. Phil
  3. Did you run a health check after you moved the files? This will usually correct the pie chart.
  4. Maybe I have done something wrong, but on one of my pools the "Non Pool Usage" is not reporting right. It is a 17TB pool that only has about 1TB free. Windows explorer reports that this drive letter has 16.3TB used and 967GB free for 17.2TB. Drive Bender is reporting in the manager: Primary Used: 10.9 TB Free: 967.56GB Non Pool Used: 5.44TB I have 11 drives in this pool. I even assigned them drive letters so I could look at each drive by themselves. All files are in the hidden folders that Drive Bender makes. Phil
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