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  1. I recently had a drive go offline, to the point where drivebender seemed to remove it (wasn't sure this was possible). I merged the drive back in to the pool, but this has caused duplicate primary files to appear in the main pool, presumably because it's done a file verification and found a duplicate file and no primary, and made a new primary. Is there a way of finding them all?
  2. Any further update to this? It's one feature I'd love to keep any vritual machines together, other crashplan backup files, so in the event of a pool or drive failure I know they're in one place rather than distributed around.
  3. I'm getting about 10 "A primary file has been found that appears on more than one drive in the pool. The file is -" notifications upon start up. The all seem to be from one folder - and it's a folder not duplicated. Hmm, it could be because I've run mklink on it - but then the message is infact wrong, as the source drive is not part of the pool.
  4. I thought I remember seeing somewhere that this may be an option? or was it a feature request that I'd read a thread from? The premise that you specify a directory or a structure of directories to be confined to one physical drive. Mainly for the purpose of say a system backup where if you had to restore your OS and drivebender was not running, you wouldn't have to manually search all drives in your system looking for the backups but knew you had the complete set. Unless the landing drive can specify the period that files are kept there and for a particular directory you say forever.
  5. I think that was for GMAIL, not email in general. Point remains I think. in the manual I think there should be a note that port 465 is supported please this xyz link for details. Yes it is. I have asked that the optional addins are included in the install process. Yeah that's a good option as well. Not sure there is at the moment. Does your email use port 25 ?? I know it's the default, but some are changed for security reasons. Yeah it is. The response was complaining about the from address. Which should be the user name. I mean I've got round it now by using gmail (which I prefer anyway).
  6. Actually I tried reading the manual which said for email use 465....then it failed with an error about ssl. After deciding, ok I'll raise a ticket, did I see that there were extra things needed to get SSL working. While it's good the manual is there, suggesting that user use 465 for gmail without pointing them towards the knowledgebase article about SSL is a bit of a gap I feel. Is there any logging for the email component? I'm curious why it was failing with the port 25 SMTP server I had set up, but clicking view details when sending the email doesn't provide any details.
  7. Having trouble setting mine up. Error I'm getting is about the from address not being valid - which doesn't seem to be a field that I can change. And since it's failing I can't view the details to see what it's trying to set. Also port 25 only and no SSL/TLS - seems a bit 1994 if I'm to be honest.
  8. Well it has to perform one full backup first, but yes then it's incremental. Not sure about the others. I suspect Carbonite will work. Mozy never used to like that us was server software (so tried to charge you business rates) backblaze not sure.
  9. Yes you open disk management on the server. Just pay attention not to delete/move/rename anything when you've assigned the drive. And remove the drive letter when finished. The cloud service is just an online back provider. Seems to work ok, I've got 149 GB uploaded on their service myself (no I don't work there). You just install their software (for free) and can back up to another folder on your system. Then after paying, you can backup to their cloud service as well.
  10. You can, under disk management (right click computer, manage) - see the physical disks. And you can assign one of them to a drive letter - and then browse the drive. You'll see a [large-hex-string] directory then the ServerFolders structure that you're used to seeing in WHS2011. But what you'll also see is "FOLDER.DUPLICATE.$DRIVEBENDER" folders - one for each regular directory you find. Depending how many drives and how your duplication is set up, you should be able to find your 2nd copy. I've hooked my WHS/DriveBender based system up to Crashplan, and back up folders to the drive pool (it's not redundant, in terms of failure, but it for file history) and to crashplan's cloud service. Just adds another layer of protection that multiple drives does not. Even with duplication turn on, if you delete a file, it deletes both.
  11. Has anyone worked out a robocopy/xcopy command for copying off the disk from a drive bender pool? Basically, that would exclude the BBACKUP.$DRIVEBENDER and FOLDER.DUPLICATE$DRIVEBENDER folders.
  12. I'm trying to do exactly what was done here. On the last power up, after recovering my pool, it recovered all but one of the drives from my pool. How can I add this drive to the pool and retain it's drivebender data?
  13. I am going with exactly the same version as the source system. Don't want to take any chances.
  14. So it looks like I cant just replace the motherboard and have to effectively rebuild. At the moment, everything is in the old case attached to the old motherboard. I can install drivebender in the new hardware and get the license transferred. But what steps to I have to take too recreate the existing drive pool on the new hardware. Is it a matter on just adding all the drives? Or do I have to take a configuration file or something from the old system? How does this work?
  15. Yeah i've raised one based on your advice. Thanks. Just waiting to hear back.
  16. What is the license? A file, an online activation thing or a reg key? I'm thinking of cloning my system onto a spare drive and putting it and the new hardware in a spare case and brining the system up in safe mode so I can remove the old motherboard drivers and set things like drivebender to manual startup. Just to see what breaks. Then replace the hardware in the proper box and if the safe mode worked well in testing, then do the same on the proper system drive. I want to do all this so I can make sure all the drives appear etc before letting drivebender at them. So curious as to what form the license takes.
  17. Hi replacing a motherboard/cpu on a system. Will drive bender care (from a licensing point of view)? Is it tied to a CPU model/hardware id?
  18. Yeah I figured either add a new drive or remove one from the pool. Should probably just remove one from the pool now so I can back up to it.
  19. Two questions when I replace a system drive as it seems to be failing. Currently I have an IDE system drive, and 5 SATA drives. The 5 sata drives are all in 1 pool mounted as one drive letter. The IDE drive needs replacing. And I've bought a new SATA drive to do this. Ideally I'd like to use SATA port 1 - which is currently used by one of the pool drives. First question, will the pool drive "care" that it's moved to another sata port? Second, I actually have acronis installed and I actually back the system up to drives on the pool. A silly configuration actually as it means if the system dies and needs recovering, finding the backup files distributed around the pool would be almost impossible. How can I deal with this 2nd situation? I figure I could access 1 of the drives directly and use that for backups - but I under stand this isn't a supported model. It would be nice if there was an option kind of configurable like the duplication by folder if you could say - keep this content on one drive.
  20. Not so far. Just reconnecting some of my clients. And the pool looks like it's all there.
  21. The reason I wanted it was because I had some VMs that were supposed to suspend when the server goes down, but either on shut down or startup I'm picking the DB service may or may not have been running them the hypervisor went to suspend or wake up the machine.
  22. Is it possible to have a way of accessing a drive that is part of a pool in another way? Ie not through the drive mount? Or is there a way of partitioning a drive so say, 90% of it can be used by a pool, and the 10% can be a stanadlone drive? Or should I just remove a drive from the pool and use that?
  23. HI I think I want to redo my instance after some WHS2011 dashboard issues. What do I need to do to reverty pooled drives to standalone - there were some duplicated folders, do i just copy the drive:\serverfolders\ directories? Or do I need to look into the Drive bender folder as well>?
  24. Now that it's uninstalled, what state will things be in if I reinstall? Will it try to use the same drive pool, or create a new one? Honestly I'd prefer a new one at this stage.
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