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  1. Release successfully installed on WHS2011. So the install issue seems to be resolved.
  2. Release v2.5.0.0a release (2016-12-10) Windows 10 Anniversary update driver issue fixed, we are now using the stock Eldos driver for Windows 10 / Server 2016. Please report successes or failures. Particularly with WHS2011 as this is not addressed in the changlog.
  3. "This version has been remove until an installation issue is resolved"
  4. Thanks for all the feedback on the new version. You guys saved me a lot of time by not trying the new version.
  5. I have a question on the release notes of the just released v2.5.0.0. Regarding: There is an issue with enabling/disabling the SMART engine. Does the mean Bugfix or currently a bug? The language implies it is a current bug... Thanks.
  6. Did you turn on Homegroup on your WHS machine? If so, turn it off.
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