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  1. I've been building a new server for Plex the past few weeks. OS: Windows Server 2019 I managed to migrate my old pool over from my old rig without too much issue. Issue's began to happen when I installed a SAS Card flashed to IT mode in order to be able to get rid of the various external enclosures I ended up having to use before I had the space to fit them internally. Once I'd figured out how to get Windows to recognise all the drives connected via the SAS card it all seemed to be working as expected. But then Drive Bender started acting strangely. It continually stalled while
  2. Hi, I have just changed operation system from Windows 7 to WHS 2011, I was using Drive Bender on my previous OS. I installed DB on WHS 2011 and then inserted the old DB pool drives. When I added the the first drive to the pool I selected the option to 'Convert existing Windows drive...' but now the old files are unviewable, it shows that they are still there as the space remaining is as it should be. Does anyone know how to get access to my files back. Thanks.
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