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  1. Thank you w3wilkes. I opened a support case immediately after having written my previous post. In the meantime I've reduced the log level to none (I've found it set to medium, no idea why), this shaved away the delay in opening the remote folders, but unfortunately it did not resolve the issue of the files not being temporarily writable upon being loaded in an applications. Apart from the difference between the drivers, for which I will wait for an answer on the drawbacks of switching from one or the other, I am starting being suspicious regarding Windows Defender, which maybe in this last version of OS / DB do not interact perfectly with DB. The reason behind my suspect is that I see the relative process increasing its CPU usage upon having loaded a file (let's say, a movie) into an application. Yesterday I was fixing the metadata in half a hundred of movies (in Matroska containers), and sure enough if I didn't let passing at least 10 seconds before saving back the changes, I was presented with a dialog stating the file was locked, unavailable or without permissions to write. Of course the same file, waiting for the said time, was perfectly writable, as was the case if I had copied the file locally and loaded it from there in the application, with no wait time involved. I've never had such a behavior in many years of using DB with WHS2011. And yet, I think we should deserve to have access to the release notes of each version being released.
  2. So, can we have a word on which is the last stable version of Drive Bender? Where do I find the release notes / announcements for the last releases? I am using DB since many years, I think I started with version 1.95. Until a week ago I was quite comfortable with version 3.1 running on WHS 2011 (Vail), but in light of the demise of the support for its kernel base (WS 2008 R2) I decided it was time to update the OS to Windows Server 2019. I also downloaded the latest version of DB from the official web page and I was presented version 3.3. So I am now with Windows Server 2019 and DB 3.3, but the performance is terrible. It's much slower (it seems to always hold the breath for a second before doing something), I caught DB locking itself on dealing with a file, and I have the DB log full of access denied on the pool's mount drive letter. Many times I have write errors from the client (Windows 10) when accessing a file share located on the DB pool, then retrying the operation the error vanishes like magic. I don't remember to have experienced any of the above with my previous setup, but the hardware is the same, and the pool has been restored from the connected drives after the OS re-installation with the usual deactivate license - install new software - reboot - activate license sequence. I wonder if going back to version 3.1 would cure all these issues (which also spins the question if it supported to downgrade to that version from 3.3, and if it would have any effect on the current DB pool) Thanks Anthony. EDIT: I completely forgotten about the old support article for Gen 5 / Gen 6 driver selection. Which driver has been installed with Windows Server 2019? Eould switching to the other driver be recommendable?
  3. Well, I have received an answer from the company's tech department. They state they were never able to reproduce the error, so it's difficult for them to investigate the case. They'll add the issue to the list of things to be re-checked, but they also wrote that the todo list is quite long (hence, no guarantee that the problem will be eventually fixed, as I read it)
  4. FYI: I've opened a support ticket on the matter. I'll let you know the answer.
  5. Well, first of all thanks for having reported your experience. You are confirming my suspect: having the file being "torrented" on a DB pooled drive is causing an error in the torrent client. Since the torrent, once added, starts for few seconds before being disrupted, and since when the size of the downloading file is not so big (can't say how much big, probabluy tens of MB) the glitch sometime doesn't occur, I inferred it has to do with the big file being pre-allocated and afterward being duplicated, while at the same time the torrent client tries to fill the "container" with the incoming data. I'll see if I can make some space on a unpooled partition, I don't like too much the idea but it's better than finding your torrent stopped. Eventually, the DB developer(s) could come out with some info or request more debug data to nail down the issue.
  6. I'm using Drive Bender on a WHS 2011 / HP Data Vault X510 server. I have a single DB pool composed by two 2TB disks, plus another 1 TB disk. All the directories located on the pool are set to duplicate themselves among the pool, there is no landing zone. On this server I have a torrent client, qBittorrent, that I use quite seldomly. The client is set to use a Downloads directory located on the DB pool, and it's set also to preallocate the space for the file(s) being downloaded. Every once in a while I fire the torrent client, but every time the torrent stops after few seconds due to some access error on the disk. I then restart the torrent and the download is then completed without other failures. I have tried moving temporarily the download directory on a non-pooled disk (it's not an option for me, the drive is used for the WHS clients backup), and it works well there. I've tried to change the torrent client with uTorrent but the same behavior persists. I had the same problems with Drive Bender, indeed the switch to v2 was mainly driven by the need to solve this issue. I remember quite well that I've never had problems like that when the same hardware was running WHS 1.0, using Microsoft's Drive Extender. Could it be that the something gets triggered in Drive Bender, such as replicating the preallocated file space, which disturbs the activity of the torrent client? I'd like to know if anybody else has ever experienced the same issue, and if eventually you've found a solution / workaround. Thanks! Edit: typos
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