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  1. Works good here, only problem is drive letter missing couple times a week. Pool is online, switching it offline, and online, the driveletter appears again Don't know if this is a 3.0 or already in 2.8
  2. i already use an ssd as landing drive
  3. anyone ever solved this problem? i have an intel nuc with storage connected via usb3. everything works great. except one large vhdx file, which is located on the pool drive, when i use this it gets disconnected when much writing is done.
  4. topic can be closed: usb or sata is recognised without any problem: http://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/1069-query-on-replacing-a-drive/?view=findpost&p=5665&hl=disk
  5. hi everyone, i want to swap a drive, but dont have any sata ports anymore. is it possible to connect a new drive with usb dock, swap drive in drive bender, and replace drive in system? or are the id`s different?
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