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  1. When upgrading I got these two error messages. It seemed to upgrade without issue though. I ran the installer again after restarting and his Repair just to make sure all of the files were correctly upgraded. No error messages when running the repair.
  2. What is the new website address for the change log? The old one redirects to the main page.
  3. I get the same problem when I tried to update on a Windows 8.1 Pro machine. Back to 2400 I go I guess.
  4. Same, SMART is completely broken on my system. Here is the DL for 2190: http://files.division-m.com/DriveBender%20v2190.exe
  5. Yea, unfortunately, that setting didn't affect the ability of being able to core hard links on a pool.
  6. I'm wondering, is that what the advanced option "Enhanced Folder Linking" is?
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