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  1. Hi, I think this is not by design but a bug, because when you try to run a manual balance task the schedule task get created to run 2 minutes later but it doesn't... Christophe
  2. You just need to assign a drive letter (or a mount path if you don't want to see them in Windows Explorer) to each drives Christophe
  3. Hi, FYI, exactly same issue here Christophe
  4. cge

    Beta v2.5.8.0

    I noted an issue running V2.5.5.0 and V2.5.8.0 on a Server 2016 Essentials. I randomly seeing a critical alert in dashboard about missing pre-defined shared folder, I tried to just restart the DFS namespace service but it's not enough to recover shared folders, I have to restart the Drive Bender service then start its dependencies... Christophe Edit: It seems that this issue was related to sleep/resume (I'm using Light-out 2 add-in), the workaround to avoid the lost of shared folders is to stop Drive Bender service when server goes to sleep then restart DB service on resume, this is automatically handle by Light-out. I haven't had this issue on Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.
  5. cge

    Beta v2.5.5.0

    Hi Anthony, The envolved drive (Data 06) was OK and set excellent, my goal was just to replace a 320Go HD by a 4To Christophe
  6. cge

    Beta v2.5.5.0

    Hi, Note sure if it's only related to this beta but I'll report ! 1- I had to remove 1 drive (500Gb) from the pool (12 drives) and DB hangs before the end of process while it was copying files. This was initiated remotely from the Windows 2012 Essentials dashboard, after a while the progress dialog was not responding, then I got lots of "connect" dialogues in cascade... after that I was not able to connect DB console on the server itself, I had to reboot it. 2- I added a new 4Tb drive and the balancing behaves strangely, log says that all drives are balanced with a 53,7% target, but the free space goes from 42% to 67%, what is the marging ? Christophe Drive balancing screenshot: https://app.box.com/s/wfavun4ehdo6zw7n35nsupnfy00xmdmi
  7. Hi Anthony, Since I've upgraded my system to DB V2.3.8.0, the SMART check runs every 15 min. In previous version, I added a reg key "Smart Thread Process Schedule" set to 1010 (Daily after midnight) which override the default scheduler, this doesn't seems to work anymore. Christophe
  8. Hi Anthony, Same issue here, DB reports 2,20Tb as "non pool used" on my system which should be 0 ! https://app.box.com/s/qfkyvulazyh35tswc71xl9caxkpqp5ej Christophe
  9. Hi, FYI, Anthony has fixed the issue where some Windows' services may crash on start up because the mount point was not available yet (Like Server/Client backup services) Regards Christophe
  10. Hi Anthony, It seems that there is an issue with the latest release WSS_ComputerBackupSvc service won't start automatically anymore on my machine after the upgrade, I think this is an issue related to the service dependencies, I remember that it was already fixed long time ago. Regards Christophe
  11. Hi, FYI, I managed to move the default S2012E folder by renaming them, then reboot, then it complains that folders are missing, then I was able to recreate them pointing them at the new location in the pool... Regards Christophe
  12. Hi, Thanks for your help. I was able to install Server 2012 Essentials and Drive Bender then restore the pool from drives. I had to reset security because I was getting an access denied on pool's folder, expected behavior ? Now, I'd like to know how to link the native Server 2012 folders with my pool folders, I can't move them to my D:\, the process fails on an exception 0x80040080. Is there a known issue about moving 2012 default folders, there was a similar long time ago with WHS2011 Regards Christophe
  13. Hi, I'd like to migrate my WHS2011 to Server 2012 Essential. What are the steps to recover the WHS2011 DB pool, which are the shares Thanks in advance Christophe
  14. cge

    Beta v1.3.7.9

    Hi CBers, Ok I'll do that but I thought that the goal of this "Beta versions" thread was to report beta software issues here ! Regards Christophe
  15. cge

    Beta v1.3.7.9

    Hi Anthony, Maybe the WHS2011 alert notification doesn't work because the Drive Bender Health Service won't run ? It crashes on the following exception (DB debug log attached): Le service ne peut pas ?tre d?marr?. System.NullReferenceException: La r?f?rence d'objet n'est pas d?finie ? une instance d'un objet. ? DriveBenderHealthService.DriveBenderHealthServiceMain.ServiceThread..ctor(ServiceBase owner) ? DriveBenderHealthService.DriveBenderHealthServiceMain.OnStart(String[] args) ? System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state) Regards Christophe
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