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  1. I've got loads of these warnings in my System Notification Messages on Windows 8.1. I've had to reinstall Windows and DriveBender in recent months, and i think it might have had some trouble with the duplication I had on some directories. The message only shows me the path to a single file. Any advice on how I can resolve this issue? Also, any easy way to resolve it en masse? Thanks, Mario
  2. I've been googling for the same error code and I found lots of posts about SQL server reinstallation etc, but then I thought to check here. Basically, one of my clients (with an SSD drive) can't be backed up - I get a BSOD a few % in to the backup process. I started off by thinking the SSD was failing as it hard resets and goes into a bios screen but I have been able to rule that out. I was about to reinstall SQL server on the client. Is there a way to run a backup without the error being triggered?
  3. Thanks - the memory problem has gone for now, no idea why. I'm now fiddling with a backup issue, but I'll be sure to search the forum first
  4. Rebooted twice. I can now login but the memory usage is still going up to the 3Gb mark. Also all the shares disappeared and I have been recreating them (thankfully an easy task). Alert Viewer tells me that there is a Computer Monitoring Error and a Drive Bender Duplicate file detected (only one of each, but sometimes the Duplicate changes very quickly). The drives I merged were from my WHSv1 server, with some of the directories set to use duplication. I think that the 'backup' versions have been merged into one file location - it's a shame that they are just renamed instead of being seen as true duplicates. I will install SnoopDeDoop and see if it can help.
  5. Oh sorry - version, WHS2011 fully patched, 4 identical 2TB drives. 4Gb of system ram. Yesterday I merged in the last of the 2TB drives which was about 90% full. I'm thinking it was that or else the latest windows updates which threw it.
  6. I had the same problem. I've now managed to get into the server via rdp and resource monitor shows that the DriveBenderHealthService is using 3.5GB of RAM. Surely that's not normal?
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