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  1. I contacted Support with this issue and the fact that I was unable to open media files in any of the new metro apps. They're working on a fix, that will likely be released in an update soon.
  2. Ok, I've been in touch with support for the last few days. I just got this reply. Figured anyone having this issue would want to know. "Hi, I have done some further testing with our other product which uses the same engine, and there is most certainly an issue here. This is on our todo list for next week. Thanks, Anthony Smith - Division-M "
  3. I just installed Windows 10 and restored my drive pool from my Windows 8.1 installation. The drive restored but I noticed that any of the new "metro" apps won't play nice with the files, nor will windows generate thumbnails for pictures and videos. At first I thought it was a permissions issue and did what I could to resolve that but the problem persisted. I then mounted the individual drives and browsed to folders with photos and videos and they generated thumbnails and played with the metro apps with no issue. Is there a known issue with Windows 10? Or is there something else going on? Any fix you have will be very helpful. As a note, if I change the file associations to old Win32 apps (i.e. Windows Media Player) the files are accessed just fine, though thumbnails still do not generate.
  4. I recently moved my drive pool to a new computer. Since the move I have been noticing some garbage random folders showing up in the root of my pool. It will not let me delete them unless I mount the physical drives individually and remove them from there. Looking at the logs I'm getting this error (1 for ever folder) [Mount F:\] - Create file transaction, creating file: "\b78dcd4791129a30b0b9a7644e6ceab9\1033\{filename.ext}" failed with error - Access is denied then it creates a folder with that long character string. I'm not sure how to prevent this from happening. Please help. Nathan Windows 8.1 Driver Bender v2.1.1.0
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