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  1. I also am getting the following message after upgrading. Everything seems to be working fine otherwise. The Drive Bender server (HOME) has sent the following notification: The Pool FolderWALL configuration failed with the following message: [FolderWALL (\\?\Volume{7154bbda-2635-4ad5-be02-d2f644c5404c}\)] - The folderwall rule(s), where NOT ABLE TO BE READ for rootpath: \\?\Volume{7154bbda-2635-4ad5-be02-d2f644c5404c}\ (D:\). There are no rules running, and all folders are unprotected!
  2. Rebooting does not help. Both files are still there. I'll open a support case. Thanks.
  3. Not sure if this is a Drive Bender issue or a Windows one... Twice now I tried updating the details of a picture I have stored on my server and the change hung. I had to reboot the server to get it the machine back to operating normal. Now these two files, which are located on the pool, can not be deleted or changed. No matter what I do I don't have permission. I've tried multiple things on the local server. Everything else if functioning normal. This is a Windows 8.1 machine running Drive Bender Thanks for any help.
  4. I was using the full version and not the client. I noticed a new version was released and worked. I don't see anything in the change log that mentions this problem but that version worked.
  5. I also tried the new version and it did not work. Had to go back to 2400. http://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5768-unable-to-connect-to-the-localremote-machine/
  6. Removed v2500 and installed v2400 and it's working again. Guess I should have waited longer being trying the new version.
  7. I tried uninstalling 2500, rebooting, installing it again and rebooting and same thing...
  8. Hi, I just upgraded to v2500 and after the final reboot DriveBender is not working. I start up the Manager and it now asks for a machine name and port to connect to. I leave them at the default with is LOCALHOST and port 9885, click connect and I get the popup error "Unable to connect to the local/remote machine." This is my Windows 8.1 machine I've had DriveBender install on for years. It also is not mounting my pooled drive. Thanks for any help.
  9. The latest thought may be that one of the drives in the pool is causing the problems. After removing the OS drive partition from the pool and running a pool repair (it found some problems and fixed them) I could run a chkdisk on all of the pool drives. On the first one, db2, it found problems and said it fixed them. After that all seems to be working normal. After a week or so it still seems normal but I can no longer run a chkdisk through DB. I'm not sure if it's the drive or DB. Should I be able to run the repair disk through DB on all of the drives in the pool?
  10. So I removed the original OS partition "D" drive out of the pool and no difference. I kept the pool as "D". No matter how I access the pool it will time out and I have to click on retry dozens of times. I even attached an USB drive to copy a file and the same thing happens. I've upgraded to the latest two version of DB and no difference. Another issues, probably related, is my client backups have not worked since I've had this problem. The backup service wont start no matter what I try. The client backups are part of the pool. At this point I'm about ready to reinstall the entire system.
  11. So when I remove that partition out of the pool do I keep the pool as the D drive or do I make the removed OS drive partition the D?
  12. I successfully added a drive letter to the OS drive partition I assumed was failing and in safe mode did a full chkdsk. It found no errors. I could have sworn I read in the installation instruction to create the pool with the original D drive. If that is not the case I have no problem in removing it. Do I just remove it from the pool or do I also need to make it the D drive and then the pool something else? Thanks, Tom
  13. Update: After adding a drive letter to this partition Disk Manager will allow me to run chkdsk but it says it has to unmount it first. Based on the warning I'm not going to do that...
  14. I can no longer write data to my WHS 2011 DB pool over the network without having click on retry multiple times during the copy. I believe this is due to the DB1 drive (the original D partition of the OS disk) having errors. I cannot run a chkdsk on it either through the WHS Dashboard or the Windows Service Manager Disk Management. Through the Dashboard Pool Manager it just pops up with a Drive Bender error saying it can't be checked. Through the Disk Manager it doesn't do anything. The next thing I'm going to try is adding a drive letter and see if I can check it in safe mode. I can run chkdsk on the other 4 drives in the pool. I'm also running the latest DB, Thanks for any help, Tom
  15. Just a FYI, this issue is still happening...
  16. Hi, So you are saying that DriveBender doesn't support Windows permissions? Wouldn't that be a problem for any of the shared folders? Why would the user shared areas be any different then the other shares? Tom
  17. Where are the instillation instructions and the user guide? I'm trying to configure Drive Bender for the fist time but there are no instructions.
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