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  1. Hi Anthony, I've just run a drive space review and found that the DriveBender log directory is now over 12gb! The big files all start with "HealthMonitorAudit". The oldest is from 14 October 2018 and most recent is from 15 August 2019. There are 41 HealthMonitorAudits in the folder. Each file is about 300mb, with a trend of growing over time (a few exceptions to this, perhaps because the machine was turned off during audits?) It seems to be a list of every single file on my drive pool with a couple of attributes (IsDup, IsAudited, VolumeName, etc). I'm running DriveBender 3.1.0.
  2. Hi Anthony (et al), I've noticed DriveBender is storing lots of large (>200mb) log files in ProgramData. The filenames are "HealthMonitorAudit", and they're totalling 2.6GB going back 3 months (to late March). This seems like a bit of a waste of SSD space since I have DB set to no logging - is this happening by design and can I turn it off via a standard setting I've overlooked? If not is it something that can/should be adjusted? Cheers for any insight.
  3. So for anyone who has come across this with a similar error, my solution above seems to have worked for me (reinstall driver manually with driver utility). For closure, here's Anthony's response to my support ticket: "Thanks for the feedback... strangely I've just had another user report the same issue and we are investigating."
  4. I was just searching for an article like that, and your link helped me find it faster - thanks. Just finished the forced driver install and reboot, and the pool has been successfully mounted! Hooray On the down side, I'm hoping that this doesn't mean I have a frankenstein install, eg the Driver Manager could be installing an older version of the driver. I'll wait to hear back from support and will post the result in here. If this turns out to be a fix I'll see if they want to put it on the announcement, and/or whether they decide to re-release the installer with a bugfix to addres
  5. I wonder if there is a way to manually force driver install? The Real Time status is showing that the driver isn't installed (not that surprising given the announcement under support). System details Drive Bender Internal Report Core version - v2.4.0.0 Driver version - Driver not installed! Time - 20/03/2016 10:36:26 AM Note: I've also tried creating the Registry Key mentioned in the announcement and then rebooting but have had no joy there either. I wonder what it's meant to do.
  6. Big thumbs down on this release. There seem to be some serious errors with it. I'm going to persevere and separately raise a support ticket, but I understand DriveBender support is now part time so am not overly comfortable about this situation. Request #13001 logged. Here's the order of events when trying to upgrade from Downloaded via Firefox When installing it I was prompted to run the installer exe again - when I said Yes the install failed - when I said No the install continued but I received an error about a CAB being corrupt Tried downloading via MS Edge, rec
  7. Yeah, I had it installed to "c:\program files\drivebender" rather than "c:\program files\division-m\drivebender" since I prefer actually seeing program names than having to remember the names of the studios that make software I opened up a support ticket for the issue at the same time I posted this, since I wasn't sure how quick Division-M's support would be. I've included all of my data from these posts in the support ticket, highlighted that it could be the different file path, and I also asked that they consider including a feature to back up your folder either automatically or when perfo
  8. Thanks for the responses. I've just had another bash at it and finally got it working. The final fix was: * Uninstall DriveBender v5 drivers * Reboot twice * Uninstall DriveBender * Reboot twice * Install DriveBender to the default installation path * Reboot I'm not quite sure why this worked when my previous actions (eg uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers, or uninstalling and reinstalling drivebender) didn't. I'm wondering if changing the installation path of DriveBender may have had something to do with it. For reference, here's the output of DriverUtility when I went thr
  9. I've submitted a support ticket, but am putting this here in case the power of the masses is faster. Plus when I get a solution I'll post it here in case it helps anyone else. After upgrading from 1.9.5 to I cannot mount the DriveBender pool against a drive bender or access files. Symptoms and troubleshooting steps to date are below. Please let me know if you think further diagnostics would be helpful. System: Windows 7 x64 Symptoms: * The DriveBender service now gets stuck in "starting" mode according to SERVICES.MSC * EVENTVWR.MSC shows a large number of VHyperDrive5 errors
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