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  1. Currently recovering from a ransomware attack......still trying to figure out how it happened. I record TV series from broadcast TV, editing them removing commercials, and then moving to my drive bender storage array. This involves at least 3 computers to process the files and house the files....the digital DVR computer, the personal computer that I use to access the DVR storage and do edits and then the drive bender storage. The process goes like this: - DVR computer records and places file in a predesignated folder - I access the predesignated folder using personal pc and edit the video file saving the output to a "watch" folder -Software on the DVR computer monitors the folder and when it sees a new file, renames it according naming convention found on thetvdb.com and then moves it to the appropriate folder drive bender storage (I am currently not using Folderwall...did not think I needed it...LOL) From there it get a little complicated....Emby is also on the driver bender computer. - Emby monitors folders and downloads any artwork, etc for the edited video - Once Emby has done it work, notifications are sent to various Raspberry Pi4s who can now stream the video -rPi4s and delete or rename files. How would I go about using Anvil with the above example? Not sure how to begin. Thanks.
  2. I am attempting to install a program called HandyBackup and it is requesting that DriveBender be taken off line during the installation. I have a couple of questions: 1. Has anyone else here used HandyBackUp? 2. How do I take DriveBender off line/inactivate for the installation process? Thanks............
  3. Thanks for the input..........WHS 2011 is what I will do. Johnny
  4. I currently have a WHS v1 system and I am very happy with it. However, I don't like the issue that many have encountered with the newer "green" drives. So I am in the process of planning out a replacement of WHS v1. My question: Should I go with WHS 2011 or Win 7 for the new system? Any input would be of great help. Thanks....... Johnny
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