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  1. Bob, A big thanks for this. You are right, as I discovered the hard way ...... RS1 releases (now Anniversary edition) are not compatible with PoolHD - in fact, it goes bonkers and seems to recursively create mount points ad infinitum. Given that PoolHD support has been dropped (I had purchased a licence) I didn't then want to invest in Drivebender for fear that it might go the same way. I have therefore gone for DrivePool, which is still actively being developed and has a strong community. Actually, it is possible to migrate from PoolHD direct to DrivePool by first uninstalling DrivePool and then renaming the root directories for DrivePool. Note: that DrivePool has a slightly different approach to Pool HD, in that it balances total disk usage across drives. For example, Duplicated directories will always be duplicated but non-duplicated directories are not evenly spread - which confused me at first. Otherwise, it seems a very solid product. Best wishes, Woody.
  2. Team, I now need to migrate my PoolHD W7 environment to W10. I would like to stick with PoolHD - as it has served me very well - but I guess there is unlikely to be a release of a W10 compatible version now? That being so, I'll try BobXT's previous recommendation re regsvr32 /u PoolHDContextX64.dll but I am naturally nervous. So, does anyone have a good guide for migrating from PoolHD to DriveBender prior to updating to W10? Thanks, Woody.