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  1. I lost my main OS drive I have now installed this and installed Drive Bender. It found the Pool on 3 pool drives I had and began to install the pool. But the pool did not appear so I added again and ended up with two pools both using the same drives. So I delete one AND IT DELETED BOTH !!!! AAAAGGGGHHHHH I the could not added them automatically again The data on the drives is still intact ( but some files are only in duplicate form so I need it to repair and validate ) So I decided to add the three drives to a pool and not reformat the drives and hopefully I could then just repair it. I have added the drives but when I ask it to scan it says there are no duplicate files MY QUESTION How can I make it added the disks and use the data that I have already on the drives and add this to the pool. I really need help, there are some family pictures that I do not have anywhere else. Thank You in advance
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