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  1. I also get an error when trying to add google drive: 400 That's an error Error: invalid_request Missing required parameter: client_id
  2. I'm trying to clean up my server, and I've got the latest drive bender installed my question is. If I delete a file from one of my folders, does the duplicate file that drive bender created automatically get removed?
  3. I am also backing up about 60GB to crashplan using drive bender and have no issues.
  4. Mine also does this as well.
  5. Working Fine for me as well using Firefox 7.0.1
  6. I have My Movies installed on my WHS 2011 box, and I have no issues. My Movies Videos drive is part of the pool, along with copying. I recently just moved the copying part too the pool after the initial RC. But before that it was separate. I would move some movies to a folder outside of DB and see if it will connect to the database, or even monitor the folder. I would also suggest trying to get support over at the www.mymovies.dk support forum.
  7. The Pre-Release sale was valid 2 weeks and ended last night.
  8. Nice job on Moving to Paypal.
  9. Wow the site is looking good Anthony.
  10. Check back tomorrow for The release, then you should be able to purchase Drive Bender.
  11. I've been using Drive bender since pretty much day one, and I can tell you that it's evolved rather nicely. The new layout is grreat and I haven't had any issues since before the RC. I can say that I think that Drive bender is way better than Drive Extender was in WHS V1. As far as I know, drive bender pre-release sale is limited to Beta Testers only, but that doesn't mean that Division M won't be having a release say. We will have to wait and see.
  12. If you are a registered beta tester, you can purchase drive bender from here: http://www.drivebender.com/beta-download/ If you are not a beta tester, then the sale is supposed to start this Friday October 14th.
  13. Thanks Anthony, will be a good edition to drive bender.
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