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  1. I changed a couple of things: - moved some other services of this PC (Ubiquity Video that has known mem issues with their latest beta) - Set Balancing method to Cascade, and - Disabled File Balancing I still see the same rapid increase in "in use" memory when DB does it checks but after a day? it seems to have released about 10GB (into Standby) - so I settle around 7GB In Use all up.
  2. "TheSmith" is only about 5KM as the crow flies from where I live. Give that it is now DonateWare (and if he is still reading these forums) I should take him out for a Beer (or two) instead!
  3. Yeah the memory is not being allocated to any "process" which is why I think it may be a leak either in DB or the refs sys driver. I've had this issue for ages and got away with it by just adding more RAM (24GB now) but figured it is worth checking it out. - I've rebooted again and watching what happens. In Resource Monitor I can see a very large number of "DriveBenderService.exe" instances doing a read on all my folders in the pool. - In BD Console under "Running Tasks" I see two that has kicked off: 1) Pool File Heath: Details are "File Health scan task for pool" / "Waiting for fo
  4. I've had the issue for awhile but I seem to have an issue with a memory leak that is associated with DB (or a windows sys driver). When I clean boot, my Win10 system has about 4GB used in Memory. DB then kicks off a process that seems to check all the files in my pool (I can see this activity in Resource Monitor / Disk). As this is taking place, my "In Use" memory steadily increases till I have about 18GB in use and the file checking is finished. This memory is never released. Any hints? Thanks Nathan
  5. Anthony - all the best. With almost 80TB under DriveBender Mgt it has been a great tool for me and I did enjoy the dev process over the years! I'm sure it will be of interest to many to see what you do with the code (keep, sell, opensource). I hope DB lives on in some form. I'm sure you will do well and enjoy the next challenge (what ever that may be) Thanks Nathan
  6. I have two Pools: Main PC - 40 TB DB Pool - Win 10 64BIT - IBM ServeRAID M1015 HBA flashed to IT Mode for 8 x Sata Ports - ASUS Mobo with on board Sata Ports - Lian Li Case with 10 HDD bays - 2 x 8TB Seagates, 7 x 4TB Hitachi : All formatted as ReFS Backup Server - 38 TB DB Pool - WinServer 2012 R2 Essentials - ASUS Mobo with on board Sata Ports + cheapie 4 port PCI Sata Card - Lian Li Case with 6 HDD bays + one of those 5 in 3 Drive Bay expanders - 1 x 8TB Seagate, 3 x 6TB Seagate, 4 x 4TB Hitachi : All formatted as ReFS At the end of the day you just need a case and eno
  7. I think the suggestion of the Uninstall / Reboot / Install / Reboot is better than the current Install --> Reboot --> Freak Out if it did not work --> Madly click on stuff etc --> Reboot. Of course most of the time the current process works with one reboot.
  8. Swap is going fine, down to the last 3 x 4TB HDD to change to ReFS. When that is done I'll check for these duplicates, but any suggestions on: - How to identify what and where the duplicates are - How to identify what is the primary (to keep) and do you then just delete the dups? Thanks Nathan
  9. I'll have a look at this some more later. For now I'm doing a bunch of drive swaps (new 8TB hdd) + reformating as ReFS on the new Win Server 2012 R2 install. Will take a week a recon on 30+TB
  10. Anyone seen this error before? Just popped up on a pool I migrated to a new server? Thanks Nathan
  11. Got it sorted - the main folder needed permissions flowed down (as I've done before), and the rest were empty but needed me to both take ownership, add permissions then delete.
  12. I'm flowing permissions down over the main folder (had to do this before) so I'll see how that goes. Not sure about all the other top level folders however.
  13. Ugg, I changed from WHS2011 to Win Server 2012 R2 and did: - Release Lic on WHS2011 - Install on Win Server 2012 R2 & Add Lic - DB said it found and restored the pool (but most HDD had a Drive Letter that I then removed manually in Windows Unfortunately, This is now what it looks and I have all sorts of permission issues. I've tried a "Repair this Pools" and "Restore pool(s) from connected Drives). No change. Any advice? Thanks Nathan
  14. So far all good on my WHS pool. Will upgrade the main pool in a couple of days.
  15. Here is an Overview - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ReFS ...for me never having to run CHKDSK again!
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