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  1. Running DB v1950 It appears that a large single directory of files has dissapeared, presumed deleted. I need to recover these files, but I'm afraid to run a disk recovery program against DB, as this makes me feel like its simply a bad idea... I've not written any new data to the pool. help?
  2. Thanks again, I again want you to know that I do appreciate you taking the time to assist me. I have noticed that there is also now an official release that seems to show in the changelog fixes for the issues of ejecting disks among other things. I'm wondering if I just happened picked the wrong weekend to migrate my drives before the bugfix update was released. I guess I should know better than to update to any x.0 release instead of waiting for an x.1 update (I work in a software development team myself, but I am not a developer per se). My server spent all weekend copying and CRC-ing the 1.5TB from the first removed disk already. On the upside, I can see most of my data has returned and the CRCs were fine so I feel that I'm heading in the right direction. Before I update I think I should copy all the data in from the remaining removed disk and repair again.
  3. Thanks for the link, I appreciate your assistance, but your response seems to imply that I could have read the thread and find it myself. I disagree with this. To be fair the thread you referred me to is not the same issue as I'm having as I did not have the same issue ejecting my drive. In my case, the first disk would not eject due to low free space in the pool, but otherwise I had no eject problems. My issue seemed straightforward at first. In the linked thread they cannot eject the disk due to apparently another issue. I think perhaps you've misunderstood my issue.
  4. Thanks, do you know where I can find details of this patch and what it fixes, or do I need to log a ticket for that? I think I may be able to resolve the issue by copying all the data from the 2 removed drives into the pool again, and initiating a repair. I have done this with a few directories and this seems to be showing success. Obviously, this means copying 2x 1.5TB to be sure my data is correct. There goes the weekend while I copy and CRC everything. I'll log a support ticket if I still have no success with this. I must say though, my confidence is shaken by this experience, as this highlights an issue in the event of an actual drive failure. Frankly, I'm a surprised encountering this issue, since I did this in what I thought was a reasonable way. I use DB to protect my data in the event of a failure so it seems to defeat the point...
  5. Hi All, I'm using latest DB and WHS 2011. I have a problem in that I can see missing data after swapping 2 drives. I had a pool of 4x 1.5TB disks, and purchased 3x 3TB disks with the intention of replacing 3 of the 1.5TB disks and being left with 3x3TB + 1x1.5TB. When I tried to remove the first one, I was given a warning that there was not enough space to remove the disk. Duplication is enabled on the whole pool so in the end, I requested a forced removal and DB obliged, removing the first disk from the pool. I checked files and was quite satisfied they were there, and added in the first 3TB disk. Next I removed the second 1.5TB and waited 30 minutes while it removed the disk normally. I added the second 3TB disk and checked files, and found some missing. After waiting for all running processes to finish overnight, I ran a pool repair this morning and waited a few hours as 3000+ files were flagged by the system that needed to be duplicated. After this, I have checked the pool again and seen that files are still missing. I still have the first and second disks I removed. I plugged in the second drive into the system as a non-pool drive to see if the files I'm looking for are there, and saw them as duplicates. So... What do I do at this point? I thought that Duplication would protect me against 1 drive forced removal? I'm guessing I have a few options: Would it help to Merge a disk into the pool, and try to remove it after? Should I copy the data from the removed drive(s) into the pool? Something else, I have not tried using the 'restore pool' tool. Help anybody please?
  6. That solution appears effectively the same as the details I used in the link I provided, but without screenshots etc. Considering this issue is seemingly been around from Beta, is there any reason why this has not been fixed before a stable release? I'm just saying it seems a logical process to create the your drive pool then use the 'Move Folder Wizard' to move your share into the pool. The alternative is too 'hackey' for most people. This is a problem. Thanks for your help, and I look forward to using v1.3. Do you have any idea when v1.3 will be released?
  7. Well, I was able to recreate my mount points by using the information here, but I have to admit I am not pleased with using this hack. Can anyone provide any assistance with the original issue I'm having? I want to move my Client Backups to the pool drive, but I am unable because of this issue. Thanks all.
  8. Hi all, my first post here. I have been waiting for the new DBender release, and I have installed it now. However, I'm having a problem when attempting to move a folder to my newly created Pool drive. I receive the error 0x80040080, and can find no way of moving the folder. I have noticed that there is another thread here that refers to the same issue, but this seems to be about the beta version. I've provided a screenshot below.
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