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  1. Same error here when trying to connect to S3.
  2. Hi there, thanks for the beta. Installed it on Win7,32b. Seems to be only half operational. Nice work anyhow. My first observations: The language choice is not working. The dropdown is greyed out. This leaves the whole experience a strange mix of German and English. Why is there any German language at all? I am in Gemany, but my Windows is completly on en-us? Do you do some geolocalisaton without my consent? The help buttons are not working at all, e.g. on the cloud connection settings. Stupid, but I couldn't figure out my google drive access key and secret, so I couldn't test that. How do I do that? The S3 connection worked, but It shows zero files. Just rechecked, and there are files in the connected bucket. In the top rith of the CX main window it shows "Verbunden mit localhost" ( = connecte to local host). I can click on that and it opens a strange dialogue talking about a service to disconnect CX and some Apple Bonjour stuff. What is this about? Keep up the development. This might be a great help someday to get my cloud stuff organized. Rgds Koelle
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