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  1. Still anxiously looking for the beta. 🙂
  2. Thanks for the suggestion, however the installation of Drive Bender on Win11 slows down the file system so much that it takes several minutes for the desktop icons to appear on the desktop. I have to just uninstall it. I don't know if Drive Bender installs and ElDos driver, but it seems to be related to virtual storage. The latest version of CCleaner has a driver updater and identified is as old, so I updated it and reinstalled Drive Bender. No improvement so I am uninstalling it now. I don't think that there's anything a customer can do at this moment. Could I convert the pool to storage spaces temporarily without loosing data? - Ted
  3. I will submit a request, thanks. After a fresh install of Windows 11, I found that I need to install IIS services to get the local host running. After that all of those error messages and storlib instances disappeared. Drive Bender seemed to work and restored the pool but it didn't produce a drive letter that I could browse.
  4. Hi Div-M, I also cannot get Drive Bender to function under Windows 11. Just poking around: I see in the device manager>Disks over 90 "storlib virtual storage" disk drives. Properties>Details of these drives read: Device settings for {41D33169-5A81-4b4e-8571-3BE1B64F905B}\VirtualStorage\1&79f5d87&1&0165 were not migrated from previous OS installation due to partial or ambiguous device match. Using View All Events I see 10K errors under StorDiag which say: Completing a failed non-ReadWrite SCSI SRB request I don't know if this is related, but it now takes 45 seconds to open a "Save As" window on a non-pooled drive. I assume it is taking an unusual amount of time to read the directory. I will file this as a bug report to MS as well. I don't want to re-install Windows 10. Please help when you can. - Ted Schaefer
  5. We have had reports of the Drive Bender not starting after an install of the v3 beta. Actually it switches drive letter on me from D to E and I think for a minute that Drive Bender has not started. I have version 2.8 installed. I associate with Windows updates when I have thumb drive inserted which is normally my E: drive. I am on the fast ring of windows 10 updates and have 1809 17746.1000 The fix is simple, just open the DB manager and switch the driver letters. Hope this helps, TEd
  6. I use Everything that will index drives and return very fast search results, but it doesn't work on my drive bender pool. The only thing I see different from the C: drive is that a check box called enable USN Journal is grayed out. I assume this is the reason that Everything will not index D: (my pool). Is there a solution for this? Thanks, Ted
  7. Hi, I couldn't resist trying windows 10 preview. Drive Bender has been working successfully (I think) since the January build and the newer builds. Thanks for trying this in a VM. I am using 2.3.0. You are right, the performance monitor isn't working.
  8. I am not a sophisticated user, but I setup 6 TB of redundant storage. I am up to 2.3 using Windows 8.1. Drive Bender 2+ has been very reliable. In the beginning I upgraded some small drives. I was able to add and remove drives and balance them. While one drive was out, the pool seemed to find my files, then spread them on to a new drive. I hope it works with Windows 10 Preview.
  9. Are Window 10 and Drive Bender working together? The latest build Jan 23 looks very tempting. Please let me know of your success or failures. Thanks, Ted
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