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  1. We have had reports of the Drive Bender not starting after an install of the v3 beta.

    Actually it switches drive letter on me from D to E and I think for a minute that Drive Bender has not started.

    I have version 2.8 installed. I associate with Windows updates when I have thumb drive inserted which is normally my E: drive.

    I am on the fast ring of windows 10 updates and have 1809 17746.1000

    The fix is simple, just open the DB manager and switch the driver letters.

    Hope this helps, TEd


  2. I use Everything that will index drives and return very fast search results, but it  doesn't work on my drive bender pool.

    The only thing I see different from the C: drive is that a check box called enable USN Journal is grayed out. 

    I assume this is the reason that Everything will not index D: (my pool).


    Is there a solution for this?


    Thanks, Ted

  3. I am not a sophisticated user, but I setup 6 TB of redundant storage. I am up to 2.3 using Windows 8.1. Drive Bender 2+ has been very reliable. In the beginning I upgraded some small drives. I was able to add and remove drives and balance them. While one drive was out, the pool seemed to find my files, then spread them on to a new drive. I hope it works with Windows 10 Preview.

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