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  1. Hi, system drive is a dedicated ssd. first partition of this ssd is for the system. second partition is (now) the LZ drive. The pool are two HDD´s with some folder duplication activated. nothing is in touch with the system. i also try to enable the drive idle. but after leavong the menu it is again deactivated. See attached screenshot. Now that the system is running windows server 2019 the hdd´s are sleeping untill they are used as they should.
  2. I stoped every service which was possible, but still no success. Stopped the defender and all sheduled tasks. still no sucess. i think it is not possible to get windows 10 to sleep the hdd´s permanent if they are not in use. i let run the resource monitor to see what happens, but there are often requests to the disks which are not really necessary. maybe the drive idle feature can stop hard disks from spin up if there is no real access to the storage. Now i have installed windows server 2019 essentials to see if this is the better system for my requirement. last way will be buying two 8tb ssd´s... markus
  3. Hi, recently i changed my system from WHS2011 to Windows 10 Pro 64. Made a clean install to a 1TB M2 SSD and installed DB 3.7. Pool was correctly mounted and is up and running find. I made a 150 Gbyte partition on the ssd for the system. The rest is now definded as landingzone. there are 3 folders that are configured with duplication. i have also a power monitor (arduino) which shares the power load of this server so i can easy see when the drives are sleeping. without spinned up hdd´s the server need only 10 watts in idle mode. with spinned up drives it takes at least 16 watts. power monitor usage now i have the problem that the pool drives spin up often in a 1 hour intervall. i checked the task scheduler, but there is nothing. windows search service is also disabled. on WHS2011 i had similar problems. But after deinstallation of the intel RST driver the problems where gone and pool drives sleeps when there was no usage. these drivers are currently not installed on the windows 10 system. Any tips how to find out what service or process is awekeing the pool drives? Best Regards, Markus
  4. Hi, no problem, it is not urgently. i open a ticket... thanks a lot for this great support, markus
  5. Hi, try this: http://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5670-duplication-bug-patch/ markus
  6. You can only disable the smart monitoring, but i disable the service.
  7. No Change, still wake up all harddrives every hour.
  8. Hi, i build i new WHS 2011 System with energy saving components. The System dravs only 10 Watts when the Pool Hdd´s sleep. Unfortunately Drivebender wakes up the Drives Every Hour, so i start to investigate with processexplorer and the drivebender logs. The power consumation is messured by an arduino. it will messured every 5 minutes. on the next graph you can see that it spin up the drives every hour, 12-17 minutes after a full hour. It seems that the File System balancing process is running every our. also the clear landing zone task. but it is configured to do this every day after midnight. i just change this schedule it to do both every 12 hour, hope it will be better with this setting. markus
  9. Hi, thanks for this fast responce! the patch seems to work. will there be the same Problem when the change winter/summer-time will be next year? markus
  10. Hi, same problem here. I reinstalled my whs2011 and installed drivebender It duplicate all the time. after finish it perferom i file system health check and start to duplicate again. markus
  11. Hi, seems that the high load is fixed now. After two days all running normal on my home server. The SMART service and Windows tray application can use excessive CPU when the host machine comes out of sleep mode. thanks, markus
  12. mash.m


    Hi, i have a high load (permanent 25%) on the smart service. markus
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