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  1. So how about VSS support? Can we finally expect it in 2.4?
  2. What about the VSS/Shadow Copy feature? It should have been there since V1, now we have V2.1 and nothing to hear about it. Your Blog states it should be there in V2.x, so when will it be finally released?
  3. Since I switched to Server2012 I used the native DrivePool because the lack of VSS support. Since DrivePool doesnt support balancing its quite useless when the disk are getting full. VSS in DriveBender was mentioned to be supported in 1.3. Now we are at 1.8 and there is still no VSS. I would like to get some information about what is the problem und when to expect it beein solved. Without VSS I cant recommend DriveBender to anyone as the builtin tools from Windows Server won't work.
  4. I changed my Server-HW, the pool was recognized after installation of Drivebender, but the console told me my trial-period has vanished and the pool couldn't be started. Also I couldn't activate my new copy because the serial was taken by the old installation. I had to sent a Mail to Drivebender-support to reactivate my key, this took just a short time to be done. After that I could reactivate my license and the pool started up.
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