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  1. I am not using Drive Bender right now but would like to reinstall ist again, since i have bought the license some time ago. Right now, i am using flexraid to present my drives but i am not happy about it. My drives go to sleep which is supported by windows. When that happens and i start a movie located on, lets say drive 10 all drives till drive 10 are spun up, this happens one after another and i will only be abled to start the file, after this has finished. Is this the same with Drive Bender right now or will Drive 10 be accessed first? I remember having some problems with Drive
  2. START sdparm --command=start pd4 START sdparm --command=start pd5 START sdparm --command=start pd6 START sdparm --command=start pd7 START sdparm --command=start pd8 START sdparm --command=start pd9 START sdparm --command=start pd10 START sdparm --command=start pd11 START sdparm --command=start pd12 START sdparm --command=start pd13 START sdparm --command=start pd14 START sdparm --command=start pd15 START sdparm --command=start pd16 START sdparm --command=start pd17 START sdparm --command=start pd18 START sdparm --command=start pd19 START sdparm --command=start pd20 START sdparm --command=start
  3. Hi, normaly, Windows should do the spin up and down of drives in your system, but this does not work on SAS attached SATA drives. sdparm (for windows) is abled to do that and check the state if the drive is running. It could therefor be used to spin drives down, or up, when beeing needed. http://sg.danny.cz/sg/sdparm.html I am abled to set each drives spindown time individualy, but when all drives are read, it takes forever to wake them up (only 1 at a time by drivebender). It is however possible to wake all up at once through the tool. Greetings, DasMarx edit: wrote fl
  4. This may have nothing to do with your problem, but i had some "permission" problems when drive bender shut down all write operations to save the integrity of my pool when 1 drive was unresponsible (and not reported to windows due to wrong settings of my raid controller). Following happened. I restarted my server from hibernation and i disk lost power. Timout in controller was set wrong and it was never shown as offline to the server. After copying 1 file, DB shut itself down for every other write operation and i could only do reads. After a restart (with all drives running again), i
  5. Hi, i would like to get an answer how Drivebender works on multiple disks regarding folder openings and such things i descripted in my post above. Greetings DasMarx
  6. Just a question here. Do you spin your drives down to to save energy? I do that with my server and if they need to spin up, the pool will stay unresponsible for that time. In my setup, i disabled the drivebender health monitor and gave every drive its own time to controll spindown (30 min). Windows and DB don't know, that the drives are not running and it has to wait for every drive to come up again. this takes 10 sec for each drive and it lasts about 3 minutes. Then again it might be another problem, because you seem to experience this again and again.
  7. Hi. first i try to explain my Problem and what would help. I am not abled to set my drives to sleep through windows. But i managed to give each drive the power to do that and they spin down after 30 minutes. Every drive does that and it works great. But when i want to work with the pool, only 1 drive at a time will get a wake up signal. The pool will stay unresponsible till all drives are up again. This takes about 5 - 10 sec each drive. Multiply that by 20 und it takes over 3 Minutes until i can work with my pool again. All drives are mounted in windows as ntfs folders and
  8. I think flexraid has more in common with drivebender. it is no real softwareraid as you can use your drives after a crash just like with drivebender. It just does a parity calculation of your drives and saves them on parity disks. I used flexraid before drivebender but stopped because the flexraid pool would not be presented as a ntfs drive. this has changed and i might consider using flexraid again.
  9. i am having that problem too. But my pc is not abled to spin the disks down actualy. I am using a sas card with 19 disks attached. They are presented as scsi disks to the system and won't get a spindown command by windows. I use a programm called hddscan and a batch file to change the power management of the drives, so they spin down after 5 Min. Thats no problem and all works fine. If i play a movie, only that drive stays awake. I would not post here, if everything would be allright. If i want to open any folder on the drivebender disk, all drives are spinning up which have anything
  10. I wonder if there will be a way to reset your license, so you can use it again on lets say the same PC with another Windows. I am still not sure what i will use on my home server, but i have activated DB with 2k8 right now.
  11. This might be a shot in the dark but i had some problems which may have the same cause as yours. You are now opening your files over network, even if on the same PC? I had some troubles with network shares of DB drives before. It showed less files than there are realy on my DB drive. What helped was the way i share my files. If i use advanced sharing, all files will show up, but if i use normal sharing, about 1 third is missing.
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