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  1. Good evening all, anyone know why the drivebender service crashes whenever I remove a drive from the pool? Upgraded 2 drives in last couple days and when DB is done copying the last file it crashes the driver. Also, had a couple issue a couple of weeks ago where 2 of my drives physically dropped server case issue) and the service crashed thanks well, normally it DB goes into read mode whenever an issue with a drive. I'm on latest (I believe). Any ideas?
  2. I think I'll work on moving this to a vm this weekend. I'll create a new pool on one of the vm's and then start removing 1 drive at a time from the original pool. Once the data is moved off the drive I'll put the drive offline and add it to the vm. I'll copy as much data as I can to the new pool and then rinse and repeat 10 more times.
  3. Good day all, is there anyway to passthrough the pool to a hyper-v vm? Right now Drivebender is setup on the server (Server 2016) and mapped out. My Plex VM accesses the data via the network share. Would be nice to have direct access to the data instead of a mapped drive.
  4. Thanks w3wilkes, It's been a couple of weeks now. It's not really a big deal as actual usable space is correct, just my OCD kicking in.
  5. I did a remove drive from drive bender and then upgraded it and rebalanced the pool (twice) Now DB isn't showing the proper amount of used storage, it dropped about 5TB even though windows explorer reads it correctly and if you add up all the drive in the pool it adds up correctly, but the chart is way off. I deleted the reg key and rebooted the server and let it rebuild the pool, but it's still off. Any ideas?
  6. No worthwhile help with this so far, anyone else have this or know how I can remove these drives from DB and move to a different software?
  7. I have submitted a ticket but I need to keep plugging away at this as I have company coming over and need access to my media. Everything worked fine until went to Figure if I can download maybe it'll work like it's supposed to again
  8. Anyone seen this issue with where the service sits on starting? There was another thread but no resolution was posted, this is getting most frustrating. I've uninstall and reinstalled 2.3.70 and still the same error.
  9. Was there a resolution to this? I moved from Greyhole to Drive Bender and I'm getting a lot of errors about duplicate files. Is there a way to automatically delete the duplicates?
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