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  1. I haven't installed it yet, I'm still on the trial of DB, deciding if I'm going to go ahead and purchase a license or go to a NAS type os, like FreeNAS or OpenMediaVault. I switch to DB from MS Storage Spaces because I didn't like the somewhat buggy management, at least on Win 8. My box was originally running Windows Home Server (the original version), and I loved the drive pooling. Replicating to a CX drive would greatly simplify my current setup. I am loving DB so far, though. : )
  2. Hey there, I recently started using drive bender to replace my MS storage space pool. I'm loving it so far, it's exactly what I needed. I'm currently researching an offsite backup\storage provider for photo and document backups now, and I have a couple questions relating to using cloud Xtender as part of it. 1. Would it be possible to install CX alongside DB and have my duplicated files also end up in whichever cloud provider I decide on going with? If not, this would probably be a great future feature. 2. Do you plan on supporting Amazon's Cloud Drive? I see S3 is supported, but Amazon just announced a very tempting unlimited storage plan, and judging by the app section on the page, they have APIs or other hooks for developer to utilize.
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