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  1. Thanks to all of you. Davey your advice solved it. It appears that some of my files were not shared with "everyone" despite the entire folder (or so I thought) being so shared. Drivebender was working flawlessly. User error ... well, this is SMB which I truly believe requires a bit of witchcraftery at times to make and to continue to work. Thanks again!
  2. Thanks for the advise revengineer. I did that and felt pretty confident that would fix everything (because it took a very long time to go through the process...) but still, same problems with file. Is there a way to reconstruct the pool? Or, do you have any other suggestions?
  3. Hi there, long time user and fan of Drive Bender! Just wondering if anyone has experienced this before, and if so, has any advice: I currently have a media back-end with 5 pooled drives. I have several hundred media video files of various format. I connect via SMB, the shared drive to my media front-end KODI (formerly XBMC). I also have a wired computer and several wifi laptops around the house that have access to the shared folders. My media files are marked for duplication What has been happening is that on about 1 in 20 media files KODI won't run it. It shows as 0KB through the SMB share. The connected laptops and desktops will not run it either. However, when I log into my backend, it's clear that the media files are still "there" and I can in fact access them through the back end. I have gone into individual dB drives and deleted the files that aren't working through SMB and then repaired the pool and viola! once the duplicated file is recovered it now plays through SMB. Has anyone had anything like this, and can anyone suggest any fixes? I have close to 800 media files and going through each one to determine if it need to be deleted and then restored from duplication is a daunting, tedious task. Thanks!!
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