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  1. Here is what I'd do. 1. Install the new drive (say N:) and create a temporary folder at the root (e.g. n:\drv_copy). 2. copy the contents of the small drive's pool folder into the n:\drv_copy folder. Verify an accurate copy (I'd use something that could compare file hashes) 3. stop the drive bender service. 4. note the name of the small drive's pool folder and rename n:\drv_copy to that name. 5. shut down and remove the small drive. 6. when you restart, drive bender should see the new drive as the old drive in the pool.
  2. With respect to drives, if you are in the US, watch for Best Buy Easystore externals to go on sale. They usually are the best price/TB. They are very easy to remove fromme the case and are a regular HD inside. The 8tb is currently only $140.
  3. I have a pool that I'm downsizing and it currently is down to a single 4 TB drive. The DB Console is reporting that the pool is over 83 TB. Screen shots - https://imgur.com/a/3jir69H. Running a file validation pass corrects it but it just comes back. I've opened a support ticket, but just checking if anyone else as seen this.
  4. Change log has typo in release date https://www.division-m.com/downloads/drive-bender-change-log.html Release v3.1.0.0 release (2018-12-03) s/b 2018-12-30
  5. Late to the game, just installed All of the SMART statuses are N/A. The Drive Bender smart service is running. I've rebooted 2x since install and it's been 24 hours. Since I can only post .05mb, here is a link to the screen shots - https://imgur.com/a/anvdJIV
  6. I guess that's what backups are for. My backup pool is read only to the world and I user RDP to get to it and then run a file sync that pulls data to it rather than pushing. For backups of the family laptops I'm using Veeam. The config has it's own path and a separate userid/password that has write access (different from the local user).
  7. I find Crystal Disk Info (https://crystalmark.info/en/ ) much easier to understand. Plus it does temperature monitoring. It calls out each of the SMART factors so you know the nature of the issue. Did scroll to the bottom of the disk info pop-out and look at the S.M.A.R.T status list or click on Show S.M.A.R.T attributes to see the actual issues?
  8. I don't think so. I don't recall anything in the SMB protocol requiring the remote client to pass the name of the program doing the access. You should secure your share using local user IDs with the appropriate access levels. take a look at http://www.ntfs.com/ntfs-permissions-combined.htm
  9. Ok, I need a diagram. A) You have PC1 that has some local disk, a landing zone disk/ssd, you have also used the "Add Network Drive" feature to include the NAS in the pool. B) you have a NAS that is part of the pool. C) you have a Radarr box that stores it's content on the pool using the Pools drive letter. I don't understand why the Radarr box is even looking at the NAS. The raddar box shouldn't know that it's writing to the landing zone as that is DB's job to manage. This is what I'd do. On PC1 lets assume the DB pool is assigned drive letter P: and the r
  10. Running v2.8.0.0 on Windows 10 Pro. I've submitted a support request, but wonder if anyone else has seen this? I'm getting an error report from DB: The Drive Bender server (Z420) has sent the following notification: A folder is missing from one of the pooled drives. - FolderName: "\{FB7F0C47-7844-40ED-BCD9-16A5D8756DBF}\DL\fonts\Font Collection\Font Collection.zip". This is the 2nd time the pool has generated a FOLDER on the pool drives for a file. I do not have any duplication enabled. I've attached the DriveBender log screenshot. It is clearly trying to creat
  11. I thought I'd share my stats. Some files are very old! File Type Total Size (Bytes) # of files BalancingAudit 131,660,860 11 BalancingQueue 122,365,643 11 db.sil 809,987,510 10 HealthMonitorAudit 7,519,760,428 11 Grand Total 8,583,774,441 43
  12. Drive Bender doesn't keep a database of files in the pool. There is a function to check duplication status. I think the only way to do this would be to get a directory listing of the current pool and your backup and compare them. On your local pool it could be as simple as Dir /s /b /a:-d | sort > sortedfilelist.txt
  13. Added to what w3wikes stated, you could disable the DB service instance reboot. the pool should be gone but the drives visible. Since your drive 1 is to be replaced, shut down and remove one of the drives 2-4 and replace it with the new larger drive, and reboot. Copy the content of drive 1 pool folders to the empty new drive. re-enable the DB service. shut down and swap out drive 1 for new drive put in the removed drive (2-4) boot. you should be good. If you are not, you can still put back old drive 1 and be back where you started.
  14. Do the drives still have the {nnnn-nnnn etc} folders on them? Why did you issues the remove command?
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