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  1. Did you manage to find a solution in the end? My Drive Bender service has been crashing roughly every 7-10 days for a couple of years now. I went through the support process and provided logs but support kept telling me they couldn't identify any errors. They suggested uninstalling and reinstalling - that didn't help. Running the latest version and have probably updated the version 3 or 4 times since first identifying the issue to no avail. I gave up trying to figure out the problem in the end and just set up a task in Task Scheduler that automatically restarts the service after it crashes. Crude but effective. A workaround for others that might encounter the same issue.
  2. Yep, understand that. If it takes days to resolve, my server will be offline for that time if I can't delete the file. The question was is it safe to delete the file?
  3. Thank you. In the event it gets huge again, is it safe to delete it until a support ticket is raised and dealt with?
  4. Last night, the ssd system drive on my HP Microserver ran out of room. Windirstat revealed a file called 'db-startup.sil' in the logs folder that was 18.4GB. Bizarrely, after rebooting last night, it's gone today. Anyone know what it is? DB consistently chews at least 30-40% of my CPU and even more after a startup. Are the events related? Anyone else experiencing high CPU usage? I have 4 drives in my pool, two 1.5TB and two 2TB drives.
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