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  1. So - I'm assuming that SnapRaid mode still requires installation and configuration of SnapRaid? Purchased a new 5TB drive and downloading the latest versions of DB and SnapRaid and am looking to implement this, but not sure how best to proceed - reading a bunch of the threads here although since this is a "new" feature it would be helpful if the site admins could dedicate a single thread (maybe this one perhaps) for all the SnapRaid mode related Q/A's & FAQs etc rather than the scattering of threads that there is now. A "sticky" would be helpful I think... An older post put possibly one of the most helpful, some of the info may be out of date now though: https://community.division-m.com/index.php?/topic/5587-using-snapraid-with-drive-bender/#comment-12813
  2. I have not tried anything yet, thought it best to seek advice before taking any action. I'll open a support ticket... Thank you for your reply
  3. Have an odd situation... I was working on adding a new 5Tb drive to my existing pool so that I would have enough capacity to turn on duplicaiton; however somewhere along the line something went amiss and I have one more drive being reported by Drive Bender than what I physically have in the pool. The drive has a different capacity than any other drive in the pool, Drive Bender shows that there are files on the drive and yet Drive Bender reports that it has no Drive Number or Serial Number for that drive...
  4. Had been running v2.39 until yesterday when for some reason Drive Bender Manager wouldn't load and I could no longer access my pool. So I uninstalled v2.39 and installed v2.4 and now while v2.4 loads and I can 'SEE' my pool in Drive Bender Manager windows still does not see the pool as a drive. Been reading through the forum and have tried a few things - multiple reboots, uninstalling & reinstalling drivers. UPDATE - another uninstall, reboot, reinstall, reboot of the updated drivers seem to have done it!
  5. I'm going to be doing a new system build and just checked the Drive Bender website and don't see any notice regarding WIN 10 compatibility...is DB WIN 10 ready or would I have to install 7/8.1 -> DB -> 10 (upgrade)? Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  6. Excellent feedback, thank you. Just had one of the PCs in the house die (7+ year old Dell) so it's time to start thinking replacement anyways. Build a new gaming/HTPC system for myself and hand down the system I am using. So looks like I'll be looking for a sizable case with lots of expansion bays + a decent MB with plenty of SATA ports
  7. Unfortunately where I live the best Internet I can get is not fast enough to support streaming (WISP); however, have family/friends that give me all of their 'digital copy codes' from movies that they buy. So I download those movies elsewhere and bring them home to copy to my HTPC for streaming over my local network. I mostly download & use iTunes running off of my drive bender array streaming to an ATV3 and once downloaded and transferred to my HTPC I keep the files stored locally. Eventually my plan is to setup a system to store all my media (music, movies, photos) and provide centralized local backup for all the devices in the home since naturally due to my Internet cloud storage is not an option... I don't think I'm really optimizing my utilization of my drive bender licenses, dnd I'm pretty sure I will need additional hardware to realize my long term goals, so it's helpful seeing what other types of successful setups are being used. I really appreciate all the feedback
  8. Thanks for sharing Definitely some ideas I will have to check into (like crashplan)!
  9. Awesome...thanks so much for replying. This is exactly the kind of feedback that I was hoping for
  10. I'm hoping for future cross compatibility between the two products (DB + CE) with an option to specify parameters like, a max file size (so would use cloud for smaller files), file types (like maybe photos), older files & etc.
  11. I used Recuva on an external hd with a corrupt MBR to recover all the files and am using DropIt to help sort the recovered files (~250,000) into more manageable chunks.
  12. Hello everyone, I've been using Drive Bender for a short time (2X licenses, 2 PCs) but I'm looking for some ideas about what hardware works with Drive Bender. Currently I'm using Drive Bender to emulate a single large drive for an HTPC setup; however that PC is also used for other purposes and I'm considering setting up a dedicated HTPC and moving my Drive Bender license to the new setup. The pool consists of a mix of 4 external USB 2.0 hard drives, various brands and various capacities, but unfortunately I'm having issues with a 3tb Toshiba drive that keeps dropping in/out of the pool, so I'm seriously considering removing all the drives from their enclosures and mounting them into some sort of NAS type box (preferably one that will hold 4-6 drives) that will work with Drive Bender (I don't want a setup where I have to have all the same drives, all the same capacities). Interested in what hardware others are using for their Drive Bender pools...what works and what doesn't!
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