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  1. 1 hour ago, nagetech said:

    Bummer to hear that. I was wondering if it was a bug with server 2012 r2? I was planning on upgrading my server to 2016 at some point..... How many hard drives do you physically have hooked up to your pool?


    Could it be an issue of not being patient? Maybe there is something going on behind the scenes after the upgrade that isn't giving us a "visual placebo" to let us know all is well and we are "jumping the gun"

    In W2016 DB not working for me ☹️

  2. 9 hours ago, Sebo said:

    Hello everybody,

    I experience the the problem starting with Drivebender 2.5a on a Windows Server 2012R2.

    After upgrading the pool stopped responding after some time, between 0,5 and 5 days. After investigating some hours looking for a solution I decided to migrate my storage pool to a Windows Server 2016, as this was on my task-list anyway.

    But there the same problem occurs. The Drive Pool stops responding after some time of use, sometimes even the whole Server stops I/O and needs to be hard reset.

    It seems weird that only 2 people report this Problem.





    I had the same problems... I'm waiting a new version that resolves the problems... Downgrade to 2.4 seems resolv the problems, but in a few days (in W2016) they came back again :(

  3. Hi everyone,

    i'm going to tell you a problem with drive bender that I have had from first time I used it (nearly two years)

    When I start to download a big file by torrent (more than 4GB) the pool freezes and the torrent gives me an error. I resume the download and then the torrent starts ok. With lower files doesn´t happen. In other programs as itunes, the problem is similar. When it downloads an app update more than 100MB, it doesnt start, and I have to resume several times to update the app.

    In general the pool is correct and I don't notice other troubles (less from that I updated to W2016 but that is other case)

    I've used other software to manage the pool... and that problems have dissappear, but I like continue using DB... 

    Any help? I've used from 2.4 to in W2012 and always with the same symptons :(





  4. I have had problems with a new install of Windows 2016 Essentials so with as Beta. In both version, all seems work right but the pool was disconeccted frecuently and I had to reboot the server every time.

    With version it seems more stable..  I don't know why ?????????, but I let work in this version until 2.6 or a version fully compatible with Windows 2016


  5. Altough it seemed work fine, I had several troubles with pool being disconnected when I added a new disk and DB was balancing the files.


    I've returned to 2.5a and the problems have disapeared and the files are almost balanced


    I wait the new version!!
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