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  1. - Division-m sales had answered and their answer is the same that we already knew: WHS v1 is based on Server 2003, so it should work. That answer (and the fact that it is not listed explicitly) tells me that no one had tried it. It might work, it might bomb. - Any software that you use you have to learn. How to install, how to setup, how to configure, what to do when something happens, etc. Using the same software across multiple platforms saves time and confusion when similar options exists in different products. So I would have preferred using DB everywhere. - I admit I am torn between decommissioning that old box or keeping it alive. I had never enabled access to it from the internet, so security is not a high concern. Turning off a perfectly working piece of hardware feels like waste to me. If I keep it I will probably just use DE instead of DB. (So far it has a single drive and I can just plug in two old drives I have no other use for any more to add space / improve reliability - kudos to WD that the single 1 TB Green drive had survived so many years!) Thanks for all the kind help, signing off.
  2. Thanks for all the advice. - I had opened a ticket with support, they had forwarded the querstion to sales. I am somewhat surprised that a purely technical question is sent to sales, which usually tends to have less intimate knowledge of the product, but we shall see what comes back. - I agree with those who say that WHS v1 being based on the server 2003 platform, DB should work on it, but should is not the same as 'tried and tested'. If it is not tested I'd rather not be a guinea pig on this one.
  3. I was hoping that someone who uses DB on the original WHS platform might chime in. The developer probably did not spent a lot of time testing / verifying the product on an ancient platform like that, but thanks for the tip, I might follow up with them.
  4. Hi. I have tried DB on my WHS2011 box and it seems to work fine. I also have an old Acer EasyStore H340 chugging along, which runs the original WHS, not the 2011 variety. Does the current ( version of DB support the original WHS? Is anybody using it on that platform? What is your experience, would you recommend using it? (The point of my question is if I should buy 1 license for the 2011 box or two for both.) I do not use the built-in Drive Extender of the original WHS. If DB does not work (or does not work well) on the original WHS platform I might fall back to that, any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance, TomTheKid
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