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  1. SOLVED! An empty pool had been created somehow and I just needed to press the small arrow to the left and delete it for my main pool to show again. Didn't figure this out myself though.
  2. Yeah I use Win 10 DPI scaling at 150% on my 1440 screen. But the network client installed on the Win 10 machine reports "no drives in pool". I also use 125 or 150% DPI scaling on the WHS server through Remote desktop and that makes drive bender manager mess up some text but the pool is there. DriveBenderConsole.exe indeed was able to see the pool fine.
  3. I wonder if there is any registry keys or temp files that I could try deleting. I tried searching in appdata\local, \locallow, \roaming. But nothing there. Noticed a strange thing! Even though there aren't any signs of the pool in the Drive Bender client, I noticed on the right side with all the lines of text Perform a file.... and Overall.., there was a loading bar and a file was mentioned being balanced. So still it get's that info from the pool over at the WHS machine.
  4. Aah, I see. Yes the pool drive can be seen as a SMB share on the network. I'm referring to this client: http://www.division-m.com/downloads/ scroll down to the bottom. It's much faster to use that to manage the pool than using remote desktop.
  5. Don't know if you were replying to me or just posting your own experience =). But for me the WHS server sees the pool just perfectly and putting it off/online works. It's the network client I have installed in a Win 10 machine that only sees the drives not in the pool, and the pool itself is missing. Putting the pool offline on the WHS doesn't update the pool state on the Win 10 client.
  6. Network client reports "No drives in pool" but connecting works. I only see the drives not in the pool. Client also runs Been restarting the server and client computer many times. Also reinstalled the DB client software.
  7. Thanks =D ! I'm giving it a try now
  8. It doesn't let me update. Forces me to uninstall first. Will the settings be saved until 2.4 is installed? Never done an update before.
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